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    Look Like Jay-o-Felony

    I just got home and was flippin through the channels and a local news lady was talking about how irate someone became when confronted by the news camera.....I had to do a double take because he looked just like Jay-O -Felony...this guy was cursing at the cameras.....Oh..and by the way it was...
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    YOUNG SAU - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Its finally here...Check the youtube video from snippets of album. Let us know what ya think. **I know several people have had issues purchasing albums from other artists. If there are any issues in regard to purchasing the album just PM me I will resolve the issue immediately.**
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    GAS ONE- Theme Music

    "Every Hero needs theme music" Just like Jack of Spades is to BDP this song is to Gas One Riding out to the new year. bgQKQ5-BwWQ&feature=related
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    Do not get caught sleepin....

    I awoke up from a long sleep...recently I downloaded the Green Lantern mixtape with Fashawn- Ode to illmatic....this shit reminded me why I liked rap in the fiirst place....anyways I came across this new video....dont sleep like ya boy FjSw9DnhuZs&feature=player_embedded#!
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    West Connect

    Naw i aint talking about mack dime, Cube and WC. If people who have issues can get off there ass and get petitions signed by a hundred thousand people..why cant we build a similar network? I know why it won't work but the sad thing is its possible. Imagine if we had this network that stood...
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    F31 ROGER MUG SHOT>>>>>

    They had a picture in L.A. times....the caption read... The Peeping Pinoy Piru Apprehended
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    50 Cal Got Throw Backs too...

    Here is some throw backs from my homie Dee. My homie Raw who makes beats lived with him a for a few months in late 90's ..and for the hell of it they did a lil album they sold to some local cholo label....album actually did well considering Dee aint even want to rap... NFL ON MINE nOEVwIlFPVs...
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    Its easy to make a list of who our favorite dago artists are, and time and time again the lists come down to the same 1/2 dozen or so artists. This thread is for you to comment on someone who you think is hot or has some super potential, but just aint in the limelight to get the recognition...
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    Reggie Push

    Someone mentioned the new saying reggie pushed or something like that..ya oughta use Ice T instrumental Im your pusher and do a remix...verse one can talk about pushin up on a bitch..second verse pushin up on some bustaz...last vese pushin up in life.....Im your pusher...
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    Top Notch VS A-Nasty from The Knok

    When I was fuckin with Bossman Hogg doing Gangsta Granny presents The Knok..Me and Hogg was talkin about lyrics..I said My boy Top Notch can get A-Nasty..cause he mentioned him having bars (which he does)...Anyways I looped a portion of knokturnal's "Just the Way I am" and Top Notch spit some...
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    Some of yall was askin about production on the upcoming album ... Do Fa Self presents Young Sau- Actions Speak Louder Then words. Well All songs produced by Raw Steel except the song Day 1 produced by Dave moss. I thought I would post some songs he produced..these are just a few...there are a...
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    Dear Mr. licwit, there has been several discussions surrounding battles, these discussions have ended in unsettled debates. I was wondering if you can clarify who the best freestyler is in Dago by eliminating these challengers one by one....hahahaha...
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    Garr City Gz (Tyga Diss)

    Some of Yall was askin me about Jay Capone awhile back. He sent me this song him and Flixx just did....
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    Check the video in my sig..I guess the West Coast still make WestCoast Music.