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    Ex Raider JaMarcuus Russell Making a Comeback to NFL

    Not sure what it’s worth, but former Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell is making a comeback. So he says. But he is coming in at 308 pounds and has said this kind of foolish stuff about getting in shape and being serious about football before. The former 6-foot-6, 265-pound No. 1 pick in the 2007...
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    Yung G.S. - Thats what we came for

    I think this would work in the club, he came very clean on this beat here i thought. Possibly another solid talent in the Bay, if he's not on the beat he can possibly he a smooth director WvaFEPCBIyM
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    Chad OchoCinco Sextape [NSFW]

    They have portions of it already, sooner or later the rest will be leaked i'd imagine. Chad is looking for some type of income, won't be surprised if he gets involved in some sector of the adult film industry as his last resort as his NFL chances look slim. Chad Johnson acknowledges ... a...
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    Kurupt - Give It Here ft. L!Z

    Another track for the females to Jiggle their Cheeks to, seems like everyone now days is trying to put out tracks focusing on the Booty Waves. This is similar to the e40 dump truck record i thought WrLd4O1yjhc
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    The Game - Celebration

    Ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Lil wayne Didn't like the fact that they ruined the BTNH first of the month beat. Thought game was a blood, wearing his dickies and chucks now he's sporting cargo shorts looking like he's trying to "swag" like Wayne and Chris Brown and other "hypebeasts"...
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    The Best Hip Hop Video?

    When i saw this music video for the first time i told my self i think this is definitely at the top. Nelly took the gold with this video i think. This video had an abundance of Rumpshakers, it was like a gawdamn army full of Cheeks that were clapping non stop flawlessly. When i mean best video i...
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    Downtown San Jose on the 5th?

    I know it's going to be chaotic out there as it is in years past, i'm predicting it'll be a lot more active this year though as various artists are coming out of SJ right now. Although i always love the scene out there on the 5th of May always a memorable day. I hear Baby Bash is going to be out...
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    Never heard of these dudes, but it's an alright track
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    Ass Jell-O?

    I can see her measurements are off the charts, Rumored that she's only 21 years of age apparently she has some type of south american/african blood traveling through her veins. She's mind boggling to say the least, She's not fully developed give her another 4 years. BmkqtV-g4IE
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    Cholo Reeeeese

    aka gangsta reese hopefully you're doing well man; good little track you made there with the candy man sample. You came proper on the beat from my perspective. Well take it easy out there around the "Checkers" premises Peace
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    Houston Texans prepping to fire head coach Kubiak?

    You can argue all you want down in Texas about how the Houston Texans could easily be 4-1 instead of 1-4, but the bottom line is that they aren't and because of that little fact, execs within the team's front office are apparently starting to think that head coach Gary Kubiak might not be the...
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    Warriors' Jackson dragging teammates down

    Stephen Jackson has been saying plenty of stuff about the Golden State Warrirors front office in order to aid his quick removal from the team, either by trade or buyout. Now he's apparently trying to drag his teammates into the mess, according to the Contra Costa Times. He is apparently upset...
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    Hughes: James Will Stay in Cleveland

    Larry Hughes understands that the chances of him returning to the Knicks next season are slim to none. Unfortunately, the same may be true of one Hughes' best friends as well. Hughes reiterated Wednesday that he believes LeBron James, the Knicks' primary free agent target, will re-sign with the...
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    LeBron May Have Swine Flu

    LeBron James has tested positive for Influenza A and is being treated as if he has the swine flu. James has yet to receive the results of a test for the H1N1 virus, which is a strain of Influenza A. Despite the illness, James returned to practice on Thursday and will travel to Texas with the...