Video of Killa Tay getting punked

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Nov 27, 2014
Lmao you act like pierx is the new death row or something. Aint no artist signing to pierx to help their career. For what so they become siccness celebrites? Lmao gtfoh
It was a joke I'm just saying how AWax was supposed to be bullshitting about being on convict music but these days Akon career so bad he lying about being on a underground label lol
May 4, 2005
reo @reo can u please use your forum moderator power to ip check whether @akonsbrother is also: pierxboy, fuck mcfuckerson, legman, 360_350, chicago54, liqwid, solo14, mr vandal?

these multiple account users a mess :(
The fuck are you talkin about. Ive been on the sicc longer than you.