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  • I knew Mike Munchak would make something special out of our offensive line eventually, but not this fast! You don't know how excited I am after seeing how those holes opened up for Bell and Blount. Did you see that double team block by DeCastro and Gilbert that allowed Bell to run 81 yards untouched?! Our o-line demoralized that Panther defensive front. I haven't seen two 100 yard rushers from our Steelers in the same game since I was in middle school. This last game brought back memories of the good ole' days when it was Steelers smashmouth football at it's best.

    The injuries suck, but at least Shazier will be back in a few weeks and we just signed Deebo back! It is only right that he finishes his career in Pittsburgh. I can't wait for this Sunday morning against Tampa.
    My worries are simple. On offense, Todd Haley. Need I say more? And on defense, our line looks weak! I sure miss Casey Hampton in the middle. Other than that I think we will be alright.
    I am a little worried about this Sunday night game against Carolina. What you think man?
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