Our old friend ROLOC....his story

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Jun 28, 2002
this was one of the very first sites i every went to when i started using the internet. i remember searching for brotha lynch and x-raided and i came upon this site. i remember the forums were regular text and was like red and blue or something like that. i been coming to this site on and off almost from the begining. i remember trippin cuz i was like damn brotha lynch
and hella artist were really posting here, artist having funk with each other exposing one another all in the open haha. this shit used to be hella krackin.

sup GateWon, Cranky and Dlocc?
yall was posting on here when these forums was at its peek, in my opinion.
anybody remember me?


Super Moderator
Apr 24, 2002
Hihlosis said:
Can someone post Roloc's wizard sig just for fun???????????????..................outro

Bubble Hash said:
Hey Gatewon. Sorry that shit with artwork for Jaz didn't work out. I haven't talked to him in a couple months, last i heard he was moving to Georgia or something..
no love lost @ all......
when i said get @ me whenever, it wasnt bout that..
May 2, 2002
All that shit seems like a lifetime ago.

I don't know what went on behind the scenes...but if it wasn't for Roloc...all of us fuckers wouldn't have had a place to go.
Apr 25, 2002
Damn that brings back alot of memories..time flies.
Hard to believe I still even come around here considering I rarely listen to any Siccmade music or much rap music in general nowadays.


Siccness Gray Hair
Apr 25, 2002
Auburn Wa
Cranky said:
Man, that really was the good old days. I've said some negative things about Roloc because I never did get my money back for the video I preordered, and I can prove that I preordered it to this day. But, in retrospect, you know what? I lost out $25 and have spent almost 10 years on this site. You do the math, I think the money I lost was well worth it. I hope Steve is doin' real well, and I appreciate the place where he laid the foundation.

Since Day mothafuckin' 1.......
Same thing.My ole t-shirt is still in the dresser drawer.

10 year anniversary....bring back the OG Gas Mask.

Vamps gets love to.....
May 10, 2002
Interesting story...

I've been here since the beginning and always appreciated these boards. It's incredible how long people have been on these forums when I think about it. Even with all the net bangers you just gotta laugh. I owned a Siccness shirt at one time.

It's amazing how obsessed people can be with bringing others down... I always felt people should be more appreciative of what Roloc did (although when you don't get your $$ back it's easy to have negative feelings). Glad he's doing well and I'll probably be posting here in my 70's LOL

I remember when not too many people had albums out and when someone on the boards had an album, it was like everyone was on their jock and you could sell a ton of albums through the siccness. Now it seems like everyone has an album LOL (me included)

May 21, 2002
Interesting read, I remember 91siccness days. somebody should contact Vamps to carry on the story from where Roloc left off upto when he handed over to Nemo.
Apr 25, 2002
Here ya go, Siccness history, this has been posted a few times...

Siccness History - The site, originally named 91Siccness.com was founded in early 1998 by Roloc, MJP and Xaos, college students at Chico State, in Northern California as a site dedicated to Brotha Lynch Hung and other Sacramento area artists. The site’s name came from combining the “siccness,” a graphic, reoccurring theme often rapped about by Sac’s artists and their area code; 916. The site contained information about the artists, but offered little in the way of news that was not all ready public knowledge. Shortly thereafter, the first message board was incorporated into the site and the Siccness we all know today began to take shape.

Word of the site spread to the streets and some of Sac’s key figures, including Lynch and Cedric Singleton, C.E.O. of Black Market Records, his label at the time, registered and began interacting with the fans. It did not take long before the Siccness had doubled in size and its influence began to be felt. As the Siccness grew, tensions began to arise between different artists and labels on the site; one of the most notorious was the feud between Lynch and Cedric Singleton as Lynch struggled to get off of Black Market Records. Lynch still maintains to this day that he was not paid the money owed to him and refused to turn in any further material until he was fully compensated. Cedric countered Lynch’s claims by posting his W-2’s on the site for the world to see and soon after, stopped posting altogether.

The site had reached a new peak in popularity, but was caught up in feuds between artists and another site, the Bay area equivalent to the Siccness; B.A.R.T, or Bay Area Rap Talk. Although both B.A.R.T. and the Siccness shared some members, there was always a mistrust and rivalry between the two Northern California powerhouses. Although similar in their service, purpose and appeal, the two sites had different philosophies that continued to separate them and fuel the rivalry between them. The stress on Roloc and his staff was at its greatest as they struggled to pay the site’s rising costs and keep the peace among their members. Roloc turned to the artists for help, asking them to perform at an exclusive 9-1-Siccness concert to be held at a club in Chico later that year.

The artists on the site were more then willing to help Roloc and they all showed up in support of the Siccness. Bukshot, Kentucky’s largest rapper, even flew in to perform at the show. Even more incredible then that, was Cacarot, a member of the site who rented a van and drove all the way across the country from Florida, picking up members along the way. The concert was a success and First Degree the D.E. ended it by asking the fans to meet at a park in Chico the following day to appear in his music video for Bad Bitti, a song off of his album Damn that D.E. The support and unity of the Siccness community was evident and seemed to heal the wounds that had been present prior to the show. But for reasons that remain his own, Roloc decided to sell the site.

Few people were aware of the turmoil that went on behind the scenes as Roloc was trying to find the right buyer for the site he had built from the ground up over the last two years. Roloc received offers from other members as well as people in the music industry, but decided to sell the site to Vamps, a member of the Siccness. Vamps had no web design experience and agreed to buy the site only after he had received the recommendation of Junior, an incredibly skilled web designer, from a friend and member, Leader of the New Church, who had known Junior since High School. Vamps sent the check to Roloc and met with Junior for the first time that next week. Together they drew out what they envisioned as the new Siccness and began building it. Junior agreed to redesign the site for a minimal amount of money, as a favor to Leader, but after the site was completed, Vamps was on his own, unless he could continue to pay Junior.

Roloc publicly announced that he was no longer the owner of the site and that he had chosen Vamps as its new owner. The backlash against Vamps was tremendous. Many people who had been on the site as long or longer then Vamps did not understand why he had been given the site and spoke out against him. Msane was the first rapper to announce that he was leaving the site if Roloc was not in charge. Vamps started to see the site he had just bought and been a part of for years begin to fall apart.