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  • The money has been sent. Thank you for being patient.
    og MS
    Ok no problem.. I have another myth cd.. and a group album he did with Krack called the Feast .. not sure if you already have them.or not
    alright then I will have my paypal ready and ill ask you your paypal the 27th. Thanks for the hook up, good albums.
    $100? That was my offer are you expecting more? L
    et me know.
    og MS

    8ball and Mjg comin out hard og $30
    Syko sykotherapy $30
    A-Wax presents Who Got it? $20
    Myth Mythmaen Propheceez sealed $25
    Coo coo cal still walkin $10
    Young noble noble justice sealed $10
    FU2 fresno uncensored 2 dvd and cd soundtrack sealed $20

    $145 plus shipping
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