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  • Hey Homie
    Will you Approve the 7 Moderated Pictures in my SD CD-Album ??
    They are NOT! Scannings :siccness:
    On the Joint Venture thread, my name.... You have it with my government n I don't want that on Siccness
    Hey Coopdvill - Would you please consider posting (and asking for reposting) of the link below. Dejai is one of the members of "Tha Goodfellas," a very popular DJ team at hip hop station K-Day. There's no universe where this guy shouldn't be exposed and, as you can see, I can prove everything that I'm saying. If you're uncomfortable doing it, I understand, but hopefully after you're done looking at the link, you'll be as mad as I am that this guy's on the radio. Thanks!

    ThaBadfella's Library | Photobucket
    This is SIC ILL, First Degree The D.E.'s homie, I just wanted to say great site. This is always one of the first places I come to get info, especially westcoast news. Keep it goin. Let's get it!
    :classic: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE !!!
    I Hope that you will have a real Cool Day today :siccness:
    wuz good coop.. aye i seen you posted the new video of stalin, stevie jo and big tone.. me and lil blood dropped a single and video off the same album a while back. check it out and let me know what you think of it. i dont think anybody ever posted it up on the siccness.. its called "lay em down" lil blood feat. big oso loc on youtube..
    WESTCOAST STONE PRESENTS SALUTE THE WEST COMING SOON STARRING KILLA TAY - YouTube / salute the west coming soon / produced by westcoast stone
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