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  • Thats cool. havent had anytime for any of those games lately, took my ass back to skool...Trying to get my edumacation on ya feels? Also I dont even got an Xbox anymore I ended up getting a PS4 last xmas to switch things up....Should of just got an Xbox1 tbh.
    Its been on siccness front page since the release of the movie the night yall had it in theatres and all over twitter, facebook etc. The director of the movie wrote the press release not us.
    24th, about 5pm. ima rent a car or ill have one in my ability.....smoke one my nig
    Got The Napalm Mixtape Vol.2 Today ! And It´s HELLA TIGHT !!! :-)
    Keep Bangin´ That Real OG MONSTA SOUND LICWIT !!! :siccness:
    How u been tho licwit haven't spoken to u in days.....still doing the music thang?
    For gta? Need to make an account for the rockstar social club so u can join the clan...I think rasan or somebody posted a link for the site on the gta thread some where.....
    sup with them records g? im comin to SD tomorrow. can i get that back ? i got yo game.

    proppin niggas in threads but aint even holler at ya boy? damn...lol..well hope u doin good cuzzo

    like the 4th time i tried to give ya the game back but you never leave me your #... dm me that or hit me..same number...smoke one-eight
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