Official SIC ILL Thread

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Jul 3, 2009
Tacoma, WA
Demetrius Jackson, better known by his stage name SIC ILL, is a rapper-singer born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. The Seattle Weekly has described him as "a practitioner of nerdcore rap: He takes 8-bit theme songs from retro video games and rap-sings incredibly catchy, schmaltzed-out love songs over them. Also a self-made animator and film producer, SIC ILL has created entire Beyonce-style visual albums like last year's Vicdemic 1234. But SIC ILL's new nerdcore music-video style, which places him in video-game landscapes like that of Sonic The Hedgehog, is what's finally getting him recognized in the streets."

His video production is A+ (self-produced by SIC ILL)
Awesome hooks...outlandish subject matter
Recently signed by First Degree The D.E. (Fahrenheit Records)

*A SIC ILL fan is called a SICILLIAN (pronounced "Sic" "ill" "yen")
*His (2) catch phrases are "Let's get it!" and "100% Crazy" (also "The "T" Sign")
*He likes Video Game music, Hoes & Programming C+
*I suggest you start researching the man, so you're on the know when he surely blows up.

Some of his videos I highly recommend are:

- Labyrinth Zone Act 1
- Spring Yard Zone
- Marble Zone
- Fast N Hot
- Aladdin
- The Walking Dead

Below are some of my favorite tracks of his.

"You see I'm tryin' to score, and it mean a gain. Tryin' to feel up on your button and it ain't a game."
Labyrinth Zone Act 1

"No spam please. What you always say, but it's the only thing I can afford/ The good part is eatin' meat with a plastic spork. I'll give you grade A steak and cut out the pork/"
Spring Yard Zone

"Thought you were incredible. Superpowered humans, it was only my adrenaline rush from cupid/ Putting me through tests what do I look stupid? And I passed repeatedly like the beat loopin'/"
Marble Zone

"Cartoons. You want it loud and full with the colors?/ Know my rhyme's authentic, no ghostwriters[ghostriders] seein' the others/"
Fast N Hot

"From the land of the rain. There ain't no sand but I got genies mane/ Some crashin in stock markets, but I'm seein gains/"

"Thanksgivin'. Invitin' pocahontas/Brains are everywhere, I'm on America's Most Wanted/
The Walking Dead

This is a bunch of his videos. Here's some good ones underneath hyperlinked.

SIC ILL - We Wild
SIC ILL - Pink Elephants

If you watch all these videos and say that you aren’t now a #1 SIC ILL fan (SICILLIAN) I refuse to believe you and curse you to listen to Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber non-stop for eternity. - Anonymous