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  • người một tu sĩ. Tên tu sĩ đó lập tức thét lên một tiếng thảm thiết, thân thể nhanh chóng hóa thành thây khô.
    dich vu so sach ke toan kế toán cho giám đốc chung cư paragon phạm hùng học kế toán tại long biên dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính cuối năm học kế toán excel

    với vẻ mặt cực kỳ thống khổ, nhưng lao ra không bao xa liền hóa thành

    tro bụi tan biến mất.

    Đám tu sĩ trong truyền tống trận đều mặt biến sắc nhìn kia thây khô trầm chung cư ecogreen tower
    I'd say my fav songs are by my labelmate Brotha Lynch Hung, for some reason songs like 'Loc 2 Tha Brain' and the early siccmade stuff plays in my head a lot - SIC ILL
    WESTCOAST STONE PRESENTS SALUTE THE WEST COMING SOON STARRING KILLA TAY - YouTube / salute the west coming soon / produced by westcoast stone
    Trae and Z-Ro were off and on RAL. Bun B and Juvenile are the only ones left. 'It Was Like Flies To Honey': 25 Years Of Rap-A-Lot Records : The Record : NPR
    Don't get mad at me for what I write. CoopDVille wants my review to stay up. CoopDVille approved it. I can't blame you if you don't want to speak to me anymore. I had CoopDVille, Dirt E Needlez, jrowdy, and Crhymes pre-read and review it. I had help this time.
    Sure thing Rasan. Sorry about that. I will do that. I thought we did. Oops. I think that was Dirt E. Needlez. I took your name out like you had asked. I hope jrowdy and Big June don't get mad at me for what I write. I'm NOT trying to slander their careers.
    Yes. Anything specific? I could go on and on about Big June and Jayo Felony all day, but other people, including me, have done that already.
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