Master P & TRU... On BLACK MARKET RECORDS (Sacramento) CD????

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May 11, 2002


Dec 25, 2003
May 12, 2002
Wow that's unreal!! There was some talk on here about Lynch & P and somethin of P's being on black market, but i argued it away like a dick. Sayin this tape was orig. a tape only on No Limit, then on MM (King George's label). So it actually did go on BMR. Wow. So after the in-a-minute contract ended, there was the tape on NL only, then a Black Market cd version. No shit!! Milkman got his name cut off lol looks like the beef was rife in '93 too. The album is okay like previously said, but it was waaay ahead of it's time beats/studio tech wise. Like one of the first digital studio releases in hip hop.

Also, BPM - Premedited. I've seen a cassette with more rudimentary artwork on Black Market too. It was without all the film credit style text and shit.. God knows what else Ced had ran up in small quantities to begin with.

Oh so the version without the face blanked out (we've seen the cover before on various sales but never any other art) is actually like this!! Not actually clear, still a blurred face. Wow had opportunities over the years to get this one for relatively cheap too but never bothered as I too was told there was no difference really and it was an MM too .. Fuck.
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