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    1st time ever professional pressed and available on disc

    Skitsofrenic (+ 15 year anniversary collectors edition from 2011)
    Razor Blades & Bloody Bathwater
    Eclectic Fusion Compilation
    Hits & Contracts (backordered - coming again soon)
    Cocktail Napkin Poetry
    Koid - Left 4 Dead
    Sympathy for the Damned
    Rebel Without a Cause
    Lyrically Speaking
    Leftovers (Volume One)
    Current Events
    Social Insecurity - Mood Swings
    Birth Control (Leftovers V2) <- backordered, coming again soon>
    Sleeping thru the Mourning
    Face the Music
    The Washgate Tapes (Welcome 2 Stockton, Poltergeist and Death Around the Corner 1990-1993 underground tapes all on one CD)

    and more - get at me! [email protected]
    No problem. What's surplus records? People had lost interest in the vinyl for TDF by 2001. You must have all of DOA's music since you knew about the diss track only few even know about. I'm trying to find some myself. If you know how I could get in touch with the members of DOA, that would be great! Because I am doing another album review of their full length self-titled album for my Mixerr Album Reviews!
    DOA song wasn't on the national version of What's On My Mind by TDF. On the Po Broke Records version of What's On My Mind. TDF took off the DOA song because DOA and TDF had ended the beef at that point. Supposedly one of the members of DOA were sleeping with Ira Dorsey's mother and I think that's what started the beef. I'm not too sure.
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