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  • Yea and no worries homie I'll shoot you a link in a PM, I got Foecused if you need that too
    tHATS Prolly my homies kids. Tell them "Tio Kon" or "TraVIS" is your homie.
    I never saw that post. I know he was getting
    flak for music he was posting. I think under a different name though.
    damn mayn you need to show me how to do those glitches!, My Mod friend hookes me up with anywhere between $500K to ah Mill every night, I have 10 mill in the bank and have everything I need so Im just waiting on some NEW cars or updates.
    Nova likes to troll on GTA. I told him not to fuck with you but when you got that bounty he kinda broke so he went for it lol. Fuckin Rockstar just patched a $$ glitch in 3 days and it was pretty easy. re-selling fully modded adders for 700k and no wait time. I'm over 13 million so I'm not hurtin right now. So you got to keep your modded money? You didn't have it taken away?
    Yo what is this lol Never even seen this part of the site before.
    Ya Rooftop Rumble opens up at rank, what, 50? That mission don't pay out like it used to. Pay is based on time to complete. So 10 min = 9-14k, 15 min 10-21k, even more if you finish with Sicc mobb members.
    I can help you out w/ some other missions that pay better and youll rank up faster. I'll try to be on in a few
    why do you still waist your time up in this bitch don't you have a family to take care of? Its like high school all over up in here again.
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