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Sicc OG
Apr 5, 2006
actually my gf is really hot..5'7, 130, and she models..turns heads everywhere we go..
she hasnt started any type of big time modeling yet, just some minor stuff..shes hopin to go big this year fa real!
and my "bitch with the yellow teeth" just got a modeling contract..
yeah my gf is ugly, which explains why she is a model..go back to jacking off in the i-candy section mane, that shit is more your level..

and i dont recall ever asking for your opinion anyway
2) My girlfriend doesn't have yellow teeth, isn't ugly, and doesnt have a toothpick fact, 99.8% of the sicc would beat; the only two abstaining would be marty and yourself, cuz ur both raging homos who wouldn't know what pussy was if it slapped them in the face..

Not open for further replies.