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Jul 6, 2005
can't you just delete the attachments that you uploaded to this site? not sure how that works, actually, i'm loaded.
Jun 13, 2002
@rose town aint a ryda....i never said i didnt know boeg, i wouldnt be speakin like that if i didnt, so shut the fuck up, e-ryda....

@boeg....i never claimed to be a thug, but maybe u dont know who i post with, and by that i dont mean the usual suspects from go ahead around town and ask about cool with alot of heads from different sets, and alot of people who aint necessarily gangsters but are important around this way, so its really nothing. do some research next time b4 u speak on other folks n shit. ive got more block time and street time then u, but thats not really saying much anyways since theres really no comparison between us.

u said uve known me since 3rd grade, but i didnt even know u until raptalk, and even then i had to look u up in the yearbook....

it just seems to me that ur bitter cuz u got punked out by some homeless people u shouldnt have been fuckin around with in the first place, n then u felt the need to have to come on here, report it, n then get clowned....

have hans and erc seen your 'almost died' post? I dont know erc, but hans is cool folks, so im sure that unless he was there that night, he would c ur post n probably laugh his ass off.

and hows that supposed rap cd u said u were gonna make comin?

i tried to drop a little knowledge to u cuz apparently u dont know how to conduct urself on music sites (raptalk & siccness), where its easy to get ur card pulled n u caught hurt feelings like a female, n im sure people will vouch for that. dont post reply to threads about gangsters n their music talkin bout how gangsters r dumb n unproductive; if u dont like the music or the lifestyle, dont come around the websites, plain as that.

the fact that u spend ur time chasing around the likes of iron lungs mcgee for a cd speaks volumes as to how much u have to learn, about the streets and everything with it cuz if u knew the streets, u wouldnt have A) fucked with those homeless people and B) wouldve known that homeless people stay strapped or have a shank on them at all times to protect themselves from dumbfuck little boys like urself who get off on shit like that.
Not open for further replies.