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    Perfect gift for all you late Christmas shoppers
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    Perfect gift for all you late Christmas shoppers
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    Y-Dresta Sighting! Lol

    Damn! I thought ya'll clowned him straight off of the Siccness. Y-Dresta is back on the mf scene! Where's Cesolito #1? Lmao! 12-30-2005, 07:34 AM #80 Y-Dr3$ta Buy My New Shit !!! Join Date: Dec 2004 Location: Sac'Town, Da 916 Posts: 573 Good Thread Filthy. lot of werk tho, Happy...
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    This was posted on another site. I thought it was a good read though. Check it out. 50 CENT vs. OPRAH - and the loser is... …Hip-Hop. Once again, we the true Hip-Hop nation have lost another round in the battle of "True Hip-Hop" vs. "The Modern Day Hip-Hop Image". Let me first say this, I...
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    What ya'll think of this cat NYOIL?

    He's talkin junk about rapper today.
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    This one used to rattle the trunk

    Check out King T with that fat dookie chain. lol
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    Can't we all just get along?

    Damn, looks like he came all by himself.
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    Monster Kody

    I remember readin a while back that there was a movie bein made about Monster Kody. Anybody heard anything on this? B-Brazy in this clip for a a second too.
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    Spider Loc may have some competition with his low budget motion picture "Paroled." Blackmarket is droppin one titled "Greedy."
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    I'm ready for a new Kam solo

    Until then I'll bump his old shyt.
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    When is he gonna release that video for "You can get it from me". I remember there was some pics taken from the video shoot.
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    Freeway Ricky Ross

    Tonight at 10:00 on BET.
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    American Gangster

    Did anybody else watch this on BET last night? They covered Tookie on there last night. I didn't know big Tookie went on the Gong Show.
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    How did the trial go? I remember reading a thread about he had to go to court on Nov. 7th. Hope it went well for the brotha. Anybody know?
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