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  1. Timm

    Which do you want more?

  2. Timm

    80 dead in Norway
  3. Timm

    Cain Velasquez?

    where the fuck is this retard? is the UFC heavyweight belt defended like once a decade? When Lesnar got the shit he took like a 2 year break as well. WHAT THE FUCK
  4. Timm

    Ron Artest changes name (BPS) "Clearly, a decision Ron Artest made after he opted to clothesline J.J. Barea, but I digress. In the latest piece of news surrounding the, shall we say, eccentric small forward, a...
  5. Timm

    The Joker makes it rain at subway *WSHH* *BPS*
  6. Timm

    Gas Station Brawl (WSHH Shit)
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    R.I.P. "The Intimidator" 1951-2001

  9. Timm

    Crazy Bangladesh shit, girl lashed to death for reporting rape smh
  10. Timm

    More RPS more crazy russian videos lol
  11. Timm

    Mosley or Pacquiao?

    What yall got on this fight? I think that Mosley is too old and is probably going to get his ass beat but.... lmao
  12. Timm

    Father gives his son the belt for acting hard on Facebook
  13. Timm

    Fuck the patriots thread

    I live in New England, and i fucking HATE the patriots. They are a bunch of fucking cheaters. Bill Belichick is a piece of shit who films teams practices and memorizes their signals. The patriots always have the referees on their side. Yellow Flag: Messing up Tom Bradys hair. I seriously can't...
  14. Timm

    Sarah Palin says North Korea is our ally Stupid bitch does not belong in politics
  15. Timm

    any1 here got AIM?

    MADINSANITYYY is my s/n