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    The "what are you playing" thread

    Honestly I haven't played it in a really long time so I don't remember how the leveling system works. But on it mentioned vocations and I remember changing vocations a few times. That changes some of the stats. @BUTCHER 206 might know more.
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    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    Alright I'll be on tomorrow. I already have turbo for sedans and muscle cars. I wanna get it for the Bati.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Some more details about GTA online. Dear All, We are humbled and overwhelmed by the response to Grand Theft Auto V – literally overwhelmed in the case of some of our servers! We sincerely hope you're enjoying your visit to Los Santos and we know many of you have plenty of questions about Grand...
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    EA discontinues its online pass program

    Electronic Arts won't require an "online pass" — the one-time use codes required to access certain online features like multiplayer — in its future games, a company spokesperson tells GamesBeat. The publisher, which popularized the practice starting in late 2009 to encourage...
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    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    YMcMph-TW9I Comes out October 29th and confirmed for next-gen consoles.
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    Nude Photos of Kreayshawn Leaked

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    Racist Black History Month party

    Some frat at my school had a "Compton Cookout" as a mock Black History Month party. My sociology professor sent us the party's description in the email and asked if anyone is in this frat to discuss it in lecture tomorrow. "Dear class: I imagine that some of you must have heard about the...
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    Anyone here ever play those Buzz! quiz games for the PS3? I wanna get a game me and my girl can both play (we only play LBP together) and it looks like a good one since we like watching game shows on TV. How's it like? Does it have a lot of questions? Good variety? Repeat itself? Is it fun?
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    Leaving to basic training

    Most of you don't know me but just thought I'd leave a thread saying that today is my last day before basic combat training for the army. I leave tomorrow at 8am to LAX and head to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for 9 weeks. No siccness is gonna suck... you guys crack me the fuck up hahaha.
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    Cracked LCD screen prank Use it on your roommates.
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    Pix from last night's show

    I woulda taken more pix but the fuckin security said I couldn't bring a camera in so I had to take pix with my cheap cell phone cam and the battery was dying. But here's the best of what I got. The venue. With Murs. With Tech. The stage. DieNasty DieNasty 2 DieNasty 3 Short Dawg...
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    Would you go to this concert...? ...and would you want to see these guys live? Everyone at my school is excited as hell about it but nobody on the list appeals to me.
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    Tech N9ne SD Show

    Sickology 101 Tour. DieNasty is opening up.
  14. kingsix18

    Live Stream of Cypress Hill and Psycho Realm at the Fillmore Show starts at 8PM for any of you who are interested. According to the guys running this, Cypress is gonna perform 20 songs and Jacken is gonna perform about 8.
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    Any of you ever go on this website? They got a list of free stuff from all kinds of websites. They got food samples, body wash, magazines, coupons, posters and a bunch of other stuff. I just did a survey to get a free knife. I got free body wash and coffee from here before. And I still have a...