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    @scary1...hungry for some crow!!! Did I call it???Or did I call it?? Florida dont deserve to be in the NC game huh??? Eat some crow baby!
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    What are your thoughts on..

    Its on my fav's or 2006. This album is awesome.
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    Resize regular pics to avatar sizes Easy to use, turn your favorite pics to Avatar size.
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    What them Noles like!?!?!?

    Whooped on the Bruins ASS!!!!!!!!!!! 31-7 in the 2nd half, thats whats up!
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    Minus The Bear

    Holy beJesus man. Just when i thought i was up on my rock game, here you come with more scomptious bands to persue, good lookin brotha! We Vs. The Shark is cool. THey are Indie rock "ruffed out" if that makes any sense. They sound much more "garage". Juliana Theory is good. They get the same...
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    Minus The Bear

    Wow.This is my new favorite band.These guys make sweet fuckin music, goddamnit. I went on a bunge and DL a bunch of shit. Oddly enough, most of the bands had animal names!:confused: The Arms Are Snakes-Easter Pelican(all) We Versus The Shark-Ruin Everything! Minus The Bear(all) Grizzly...
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    Chris Paul dunk on Dwight Howard

    Anyone got a clip of that?Shit was ill.
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    The Hills May Have Eyes, But Youre Still Blind

    Right on, im new to The Fall Of Troy so I dont quite know their songs yet but recognized some of the riffs. Thanks man.
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    The Hills May Have Eyes, But Youre Still Blind

    So, this is some weird Fall Of Troy album, right? What is The Hunt For Yoshi? They have a MySpace page and a DL page with a bunch of other shit on their INCLUDING this album. Anyone got answers?
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    Castlevania:Portrait Of Ruin

    Whos played it yet??
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    Anybody hear the new Moonsorrow?

    Apperantly, this album will be the 5th installment(or chapter) of their story Suden Uni - 2001 (wolf's dream) Voimasta Ja Kunniasta - 2001 (of stregth and honor) Kivenkantaja - 2003 (stonebearer) Verisäkeet - 2005 (blood verses) Viides Luku - Hävitetty - 2007 (ravaged)
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    Anybody hear the new Moonsorrow? @RedStorm You are really into that Viking Metal huh?
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    Luke Ridnour>Steve Nash... the 4th year of play. Side by side, Luke in his 4th year is better than Steve Nash in his 4th year. Check it out: Steve Nash: Year Team G GS MPG FG% 3p% FT% OFF DEF RPG APG SPG BPG TO PF PPG 99-00 DAL 56 27 27.4 .477 .403 .882 0.6 1.6 2.2 4.9 0.7 0.0 1.82 2.20 8.6 Luke Ridnour: Year...
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    Atheists and Agnostics: Do you celebrate Christmas?

    Im just curious to see if ya'll celebrate the Christian holiday in all its commerical wonder.