Zigidy Rips Smoov E A New Asshole

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Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
I used to laugh my ass off to ziggitys album covers loling on how tough dude was trying to look.
Aug 14, 2005
im smoove like water, i fuck yo daughter, and the yo mammy, and then yo pappy, at last yo granny. u cant stand me. ugh lyrical magma on the mic!!!!
Aug 17, 2011
smoov-e got flows and he's talented as a mufucka behind the boards...never understood the hate for him on here. he was actually good friend wit mac dre before he died, and has aligned himself with nothin but bay legends. i guess being white automatically downgrades your stalk on the siccness. then theres the whole "predator" angle he plays, which i guess even the biggest of trolls get asshurt by. bottom line, he's got talent and has produced his share of slaps...zigidy, on the other hand, i never fuxed with.


Deep Slumps
Feb 13, 2013
Nima : I noticed SMOOV E is featured on a track. How come, despite the beef, you kept the track on the album?

Zigidy : I mean, its like this man. I kept my word, youknowwhatimsayin. We layed that track like back in February or some shit. Smoov E, he a cool cat you know, I ain't got a real personal problem with him. We got love for the same folks. I told him I was gone put him on, I kept my word you know? WE laced the track together, I aint gone hit on that. But the personal shit happenin with the shows, and some no shows, you know, whatever the reasons, but its you know just certain shit, that like finally was irritating me, I was gone pull his hoe card eventually so, you know.. whatever. I just kept my word, and kept him on the album, you know?

zigidy had a hella funny dubcnn interview back in the day lol
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