Wrestling Random Thought 2

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May 24, 2002
if y'all dudes haven't seen, there's some chill wrestling in Japan tomorrow night
:rolleyes: inoki.....


I think Im the only person who is going to care about this in here.

I am interested in the Kazushi Sakuraba/Katsuyori Shibata vs. Shinichi Suzukawa/Atsushi Sawada tag.

Mostly to see Shibata sorta "wrestle"... He needs to get back in the wrestling ring and start stiffing and no selling everyone again. I can't believe he is happier getting his ass kicked all the time doing legit MMA stuff.

and Its been a long time since I saw Sakuraba doing worked shoots.

Despite Fedors losing streak I think he is going to eat up Ishii. Japanese folks seem to LOVE Fedor and I assume someone getting a win over him now would still be pretty big....
Jan 29, 2005

WWE's website has a new article up looking at The Miz granting his first wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish kid Dylan wanted to meet The Miz when WWE was in Kansas City earlier this year but Miz was fired in the storylines so he got to meet the other WWE Superstars instead. Dylan finally got to meet The Miz when WWE was recently in Philadelphia.
lol I just basically read that ass "WWE said fuck this dying kid's wish cause we don't want to break kayfabe and make it known that The Miz really isn't fired by letting him show up to meet a dying kid"

luckily the kid lived long enough for the storyline to run through :rolleyes: