Why do 49er fans think they're team is so much better than the RAIDERS???

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Jan 6, 2004
I'll the fucking time on here you fags bad mouth our team and talk about how we've had 7 seasons with 11 or more losses..You say we were the worst team of last decade.. Well I decided to do a little number crunching and heres what I came up with..

Since the 1999 season the San Francisco 49ers have an overall win loss record of 72-109. The Oakland Raiders have an overall win loss record of 72-109 in the same time period.. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Heres some bonus facts. In that time period the niners have made the playoffs once and lost in the second round. The Raiders won there division 3 times, went to the AFC Championshop 3 times and the Superbowl once (losing of course). The 49ers and Raiders have not had a winning season since 2002. Ill be fair and include that yes the Raiders have lost 11 or more games since 2003...

So my question to you is do you really think that your team is significantly better than the Raiders in the last 10 or so years?????

Lets see if you can come up with a vaild reason besides the 2 more superbowls. Ill be the first to admit that you've had more sucess historically then us but what about currently?


Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
so why dont you show us the trophy you get for not having double digit season losses for 7 years or whatever the fuck kind of faggot ass reasoning you used to try to say the 9ers havent been fucking shitbags for ten years get the fuck outta here with that fucking bullshit fuckin retard they both suck and have for a while


Bob Pimp MOBBEN!!!
Apr 25, 2002
both theams are in disarray right now and it starts with ownership and front office with both teams, and as long as both teams current regimes stay the same both franchises are still gonna be excited about goin 8-8 and "moving in the right direction"...
Apr 25, 2002
Both teams are shitty. I could admit that my team hasnt been very successful. The past is the past and shit anyone could do to change that fact. The little strides that the Raiders are doing this year to improve are what the 9ers are lacking. Ive been to a few niner parties this year and 9er fans are jokes. The rituals that they do are idiotic and when the big L takes part on a weekly basis, all they could say is how they are undefeated in moral victories. Take a L like a man and quit throwing excuses, if it aint one thing is another. Just fuckin play!!!!
Dec 12, 2006
From my perspective, I like the Raiders, if I would grew up in Daly City instead of SF I prolly woulda been a Raiders fan, in fact somewhere I got a Raiders Randy Moss Jersey, but also bein a 80's baby the 9ers have always been better than the Raiders. Plus I think the raiders have the biggest bandwagon in football which is annoying as fuck. I also got love for Oakland, I wish SF was still a little more like Oakland, so rent would go down and the hipsters would stay in one section or move to Marin, but the unions fucked that up

Also the 9ers have never gotten beaten down like that in a SB