what do l.a. niggaz think about this hyphy shit?

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Oct 17, 2006
ya'll niggaz banged out to the fullest out there i know ya'll b walkin and c walkin but what is l.a.'s image of this bay area movement ?is ya'll feelin it ,think its silly?becuase gangstas dont dance on topof cars and in the middle of the street,the bay aint punks though they thuggin feel me but whats your guys prespective on this whole dancing movement going dumb???


Sicc OG
Jun 3, 2006
i had to go down there awhile ago for work, and i went and got me sum drank and was chillin at the amtrak station (i dont know-i think downtown sumwhere) but i had a boombox and i was bumpin sum old guce and a bunch of fools said could they throw sum shit in and these muthafuckas threw in "piru love" and wanted to argue about gangs for a hour....long story short, they hate hyphy shit wit a passion...at least these fools did