what do l.a. niggaz think about this hyphy shit?

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The Evil Genius said:
I hear what u saying also but the streetz of Sac iz highly overrated now. People are going off of whatvthese rapperz out here are saying a lil too much.These niggaz out here aint shit. 10-15 yearz ago Sac waz NO joke. Now? Nigga pleaze. U can take Florin Road & Vally Hi off your list. I just moved outta Valley Hi a few monthz back & Valley Hi iz a workin middle class section of Sac with a bunch of wanna be thugz with low level hustles. U gotta have a job 2 live over in Valley Hi. That aint no ghetto. G-Parkway waz hella notorious but that mothafucka been shut down 4 over a year. I live in S.Sac so a nigga can't tell me shit about thiz place. I grew up in Stockton & trust me Sac don't wanna see no partz of Stockton.
Overrated man plz u m ight live there but u aint involed with whats happin sac iz grimy and stockton is grimy i can say and so is fresno but i mean thats central i think thats a spot thats up and comin. but let tha musik run its course dont say fuck hyphy and put it off on tha bay lets all ride tha wave cuz its west or nuthin good music is good music. 100 might not like it but a 1000 might so do it 4 tha west