Was EBK 4 a dissapointment???

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Jun 6, 2004
San Diego, CA
actually EBK4 is one of my favorite albums by LYNCH.... SEASON OF THA SICCNESS, that music is for gettin drunk.... LOADED, thats that smoke a blunt shit.... but EBK4, although not an official ass LYNCH dictated album, was some grimy ass, sherm smokin, LICWIT gangsta shit.... that shit is fuccin bangin....
May 30, 2006
If Lynch would have finished it the way he wanted to without all the features, it easily would have been a great album...
I agree......There were about 6 tracks on there that were already released on comps & othe peoples albums but u could feel the potential that album had if it was finished correctly.......That album really showed flashes of greatness here & there......I read somewhere where Bad Azz wasn't even feeling Lynch & that track he did on there didn't mean anything to him.......Lynch smoked Bad Azz on that song..........EBK4 will just be another album where people will always wonder what could've been.....For some thrown together shit it was actually better then most of the other releases of 2000 so that should tell u something about how great of an artist Lynch is.
Jun 6, 2004
San Diego, CA
I read somewhere where Bad Azz wasn't even feeling Lynch & that track he did on there didn't mean anything to him.

i don't know about that homie.... i just hooked up with bad azz a couple weeks ago at a show in costa mesa, and cuhzz actually got on stage and performed "wrong idea" and THAT song.... if he didn't like the tracc he probably wouldn't use that to represent himself.... but then again, who knows with these guys, right?


Sicc OG
Sep 27, 2002
I agree......There were about 6 tracks on there that were already released on comps & othe peoples albums but u could feel the potential that album had if it was finished correctly.......That album really showed flashes of greatness here & there......I read somewhere where Bad Azz wasn't even feeling Lynch & that track he did on there didn't mean anything to him.......Lynch smoked Bad Azz on that song..........EBK4 will just be another album where people will always wonder what could've been.....For some thrown together shit it was actually better then most of the other releases of 2000 so that should tell u something about how great of an artist Lynch is.
I dont know about that, but I do remember Bad Azz doing an interview and acting like his Lynch feature was helping out the lil man...I was like, I know your success is on a higher level than Lynch's(at that time it was) but he would still murder you on the mic, underground or not...he just seemed a lil cocky and not respecting the fact that Lynch was around way before Bad Azz even had the chance to jock Snoop....
Apr 8, 2004
Yall trippin. I thought yall like that siccmade evil-minded shit. Ain't too many cds bein made like that nowadays
EBK4 was the shit--lotta knockin cuts on there. The Virus was cool too.
May 11, 2002

Interview with Brotha Lynch Hung

What have you been up to? You were on the road?

We were out there doin some shows in Arizona. But it pretty much got shot up before I could go on. I guess it was some bangin goin on in the audience. I was in the dressing room when it all started. So we just went and did a couple in-stores and then came back.

Who set the show up? Was it in a club?

It was in a venue, fit about 3,000 people. We were headlining, and they had a couple local acts. Before we got to play though it got shut down. Then we got shot at on the way out. It was some blood I guess, I don't know.

Have you been performing a lot lately?

Not in the last 2 years, cause you know I've been in court with this Black Market thing. We're trying to settle our differences.

What exactly is going on between you and Black Market. In the last 7 years you only came out with 2 records.

I didn't wanna give Cedric any more songs until he was payin me right. Black Market, they're a cool company. He promoted me, I helped him promote his company. But he just couldn't be right on the payments. After a while I didn't wanna just keep getting fucked like that. So I held my songs. He'd got my songs from somebody else or took songs offa old albums to put together this EBK4.

You're saying that EBK4 is not a real Brotha Lynch album?

I didn't put it together. He got two new songs from me on there, but everything else is stuff he took from other people. I had no say in it. I even wanted to put a song on there about my mom that I had made, even though I wasn't getting my money, but he said it was already manufactured. We might work things out.

You have a huge fanbase waiting for you to come out and you keep holding back and not releasing.

It's a little mental argument I have goin on. Me and Ced used to get along real good, we used to go on the show and everything together. I had a lotta love for him, I wanted Black Market to blow up. But I guess when you get cash, puttin it in your bank, you don't wanna take it out. I guess I could kinda understand his hustle, but I don't know, after he didn't wanna pay me I wasn't inspired to even write sometimes. It's like, Why ain't nothing goin right for me? Little by little I would write, hopin something was gonna change, but nothing changed. Then all of a sudden he was buyin songs from people to put on is EBK-4 album.

What do you mean buying songs from other people?

I do songs with people like when I do guest appearances. For instance, he took a song off P-Folks' album. And my folks from Vegas came in, I did some shit with them, he tried to buy a song off them to finish EBK-4. That's when I knew he was gonna just put a bunk album out.

Season Of Da Siccness was such a hot album, and then it took so long for you to release Loaded. I could never understand.

Black Market and Priority were tryin to get me to lighten up on my lyrics after Season. They took a couple of my inserts out and made me shorten. They were cuttin into my creative rights. That's when things started getting real crazy. Plus we had signed with Priority and we had to wait until those contracts were done. So it took about two years to come out. I was still tryin to get my money from Season bein up under Black Market. I just got frustrated and said I'm not givin up any more songs. Now it's been 8 years or whatever and I only got two or three albums out.

How long have you been with Black Market?

Since the beginning--I think they been goin for 10-11 years now. I helped start that company.

How did Black Market start?

I used to bust with X-Raided back in the day. We were a group, we were tryin to make it, we were payin for all the studio time. We was gonna put it out and sell it on consignment. Me, X-Raided and Sicx.

Sicx is your younger brother, right?

Yeah. Both of em are younger. X-Raided's the youngest, then Sicx, then me. But we were gonna put our own stuff out, then Cedric comes along and he puts out Homicide through a company in LA called Black Force. That's how we found out about Ced, and one day we ran into Ced and were like, What's up? Can you put some stuff out for us. He was like, Yeah I'll put it out. I was like, My stuff wasn't done yet so I'll give you X-Raided. We gave him X-Raided's album, he got signed, I saw it in the stores and I was interested ever since then in bein with Black Market.. Once I saw he got the records in the stores.

Who produced X-Raided's first album?

I did. I produced everything except for the last song. Cedric produced the last song called "The Siccness".

Black Market really got started with you and X-Raided.

Right, then I gave him Mr. Doctor and myself.

After X-Raided came out he had the murder case and got locked up?

He was locked up before his record even came out.

I heard he was at a party when it all happened. Can you talk a little about that?

I wasn't there, but I heard they were at a party and somebody got jumped. And later on that night, X-Raided was supposed to have been involved with the dudes who went to go retaliate. I'm sure there's a whole buncha different stories, but that's the one I heard. I ain't never really talked about it with X on the phone, and that's the only time I get to talk to him, so I never really got the full story.

Last time I talked to you you were talking about putting out an album called Midevil.

I got all that in my vault. I'm not givin it up. I got Midevil and Lynch by Lynch totally done, they're full length albums. I'm not givin them to Cedric. EBK-4, that don't even count. It's got songs that cut off right in the middle, there's no inserts in there, nothing.

That could really hurt your career. Your fans will think that's the best you can do. It's the same thing that happened to C-Bo.

I know. That's ironic too. And this album here is the one that he's promotin the best. Season and the others, he didn't promote too good. Now that he got this trashy album he's promotin the hell outta it. Followed the Snoop Doggy Dogg tour all the way back East with a truck that had all the Black Market album covers on it.

How do you think you and Cedric can resolve this?

Eventually he's gonna have to give me some money and then he can have these albums I got. He might want to. After he pays me I'll give 'em to him. I can't just keep givin him albums and not getting no money.

You'd be on a totally different level if it weren't for this conflict with the label. You were way ahead of your time, the shit you were doing 11 years ago.

We coulda blew up like Death Row if everything had gone right. It was hard for us, for Black Market. That's why I stuck with 'em, cause he didn't know everything about the business. I wanted Black Market to blow up. We were promotin town by town, and it took a long time. Before you know it, a lotta people came out doin the same thing as me. Not the rip gut stuff, I think I pretty much have that to myself. Then we got lost in the shuffle, everybody started comin out. I only had an EP and an album--which was 24 Deep and Season Of Da Siccness--after that things got wild, I wasn't getting paidAfter Season Of Da Siccness I was cool I was gonna stay with Black Market. Then we got signed with Priority. Priority was flammy, but I guess he wasn't satisfied with that deal.

For a while Cedric was talking about a deal with Tommy Boy. What was that story?

Ced actually went to do the deal for Black Market, but they only wanted to sign me. He did the deal, and they gave him some money--I didn't see none of that money. Then I decided not to give him my album. After a while Tommy Boy was like what's up? I'm like, I'm not givin Black Market no album. I guess they lost that deal, and Ced's blamin it on me.

You owe Black Market some albums?

I'm supposed to give him two more. EBK-4 is one of them and then I was supposed to do one more. And I got two and a half albums done at the house.

You used to make a lotta your own beats. Why did you stop making beats?

I wanted to help my home Phonk Beta out. He taught me how to make beats, so I wanted him to get involved. He made Loaded for me. He's started his career now, so he's off. So I'm back to makin my own beats. He's still gonna have some beats on there, but I'm back to doin my own shit.

Loaded was a good album, but Season Of Da Siccness will always be your classic.

I ain't made no classic album yet. I definitely follow up on my old shit when I'm makin my music. I go back to Season and follow up from there. I got a new song called "The Bleeding House Mystery" that's like my shit on Season. I know where I need to be. No influence from all the people tellin me I got to lighten up. Tryin to get to me as I got older, like maybe I should. Seein all these people around me blowin up on the radio, it's kinda hard. I know where I need to be now. It's definitely "Bleeding House Mystery" style.

I just wish you could release some of it.

Other shit's been going down too. Like my mother died a year ago. I had to pay for her funeral. It's a whole buncha deep things goin on. But now my mom's passed, I'm kinda getting over it. I'm back on track. Hopefully I'll work this out with Black Market. And you'll see the classic album. It's comin up. Believe me, I ain't takin nothing from Season, cause I was in a zone when I made that muthafucka. I wanna get back in the zone. I know the zone that I was in in my head when I was writin Season, and I can get back there.

It must have been hard when your mom died. You don't even realize how important she is to you until she's gone.

Me, I never really did get to talk to my mom. Not deeply. Cause she didn't want me to know what she knew and what she didn't know, so she never got deep with me. She just told me, do this and do that. And she let me stay at her house, cause she knew I wanted to rap. Her husband, my stepdad, didn't want me in the house. She believed in me and thought I was gonna make it at rappin. I stayed there till I was like 24. Eat off 'em and not have a job and just workin on my music. I have to send shouts out to my mom for that. Without that I probably wouldn't have been able to focus on my music and keep the same frame of mind that I had as a little kid. Always thinkin sick and lovin horror movies. My mom never understood why I talked about that typa stuff, but she was always behind me.

Why were you always into sick stuff?

Because I was always by myself in my room all the time and I was a little detached from reality. I just liked stayin by myself. I'd look out the window. I loved horror movies. I loved seein movies about car crashes and plane crashes.

You didn't like people?

It's not that. I'm curious about death. To see someone living one second and dead the next second, that fascinates me. That kinda stuff just comes into my raps.

You're scared of death?

I don't know whether to be scared of death. From what everybody says, it's nothing to be scared of.

There's so much amazing music coming out of Sacramento.

It's hard for Sacramento. It's hard for everybody to stick together. People have been waitin for a Lynch/C-Bo song, but I don't know if it will ever happen. I doubt it.

That would be a great combination. You should connect with a couple of other people too. Like Esham

I've talked to Esham a coupla times on line. We talked about doin something together, but it never materialized.

Another group you should work with is Insane Clown Posse.

You know we just signed a group who used to be affiliated with them, they're called Half Breed. I just now started hookin up with Detroit rappers, so I might be doin something with some people out there.

Also, you would go good with Three 6 Mafia.

I'm willing to do it. I'm hoping to network with a lot more people once I settle my differences.

Networking is what keeps a lot of artists alive. Because independents don't get that exposure that the majors get.

It's hard to keep goin in the underground. Because we don't get too much publicity except for in Murder Dog. The Source ain't gonna do nothing, the radio doesn't touch us. That's why I hope Murder Dog gets way bigger than Source and all that, because y'all supportin us. That's what I love about y'all.

What's going on with your label, Siccmade?

I have three albums out. Sicx, If These Walls Could Talk. Loki Illegitamatti. Loki used to be with Master P, then he jumped on my label. And we have a little compilation that Phonk Beta produced. We're doin a little something. Next we got Zig Zag comin out. Then I got COS, Siccmade Rituals, comin out right after that. And we did a movie called Now We Eat. We're releasing the soundtrack under Siccmade with major distribution.

Who's behind the film?

Dave Weiner (ex-Priority A & R) and Carry Williams put it together. Dave wrote the story, Carry wrote the script. They asked us if we wanted to do a movie about me and my cannibalistic thing. So I'm eatin a lotta human meat on there and shit. It's a comedy though. Horror/Comedy. It's weird. It's like I'm just a regular banger, street thug, Art B is a bookie, and some witch put a curse on me that everything that we kill I have to eat it.

Where did you film this?

Some we did in LA and some in Sacramento. In LA they had a spot set up in some factory facility where nobody ever goes. So we did a lotta filming inside and outside. In Sac at one of our folks' house we filmed some backyard barbecue scenes.

You're happy with the way it came out?

Yeah, I'm happy for my first movie. I had fun doin it too. It's just comin out on video, it's not goin to the theaters or nothing. But it's a cool project.

When did you get into acting?

The only reason I even thought about acting is because Dave asked me to do the film. Then it ended up cool, so I wouldn't mind doin some more. I'd rather stay focused on my music, but if somebody approaches me with another project I might do it.

You knew Dave from when you were with Priority?

Yeah, when we had the deal with Priority me and Art B got hella cool with Dave Weiner. He's the one that signed us up. Now Dave left Priority and me and Art B stayed in touch with him.

Who's on the soundtrack?

We're basically keepin it Dub Sac, P-Folks and everybody that's affiliated with Siccmade. I did the score on it too, me and Beta and another guy named Loki. I'm gonna release the score too. It's crazy music.

What are these other albums like, Midevil and Lynch By Lynch?

Midevil's a crazy album. It's older, but you won't know it's older. It's different from Loaded and 24 Deep, it's more like Season. I talk about different subjects, different sick subjects than baby-killin and shit like that. It's a lot deeper. I think right now my best album finished is Lynch By Lynch. That's what's frustrating, those albums should be out right now. I wish I could put them out. I know it's not good for me not to come out every year and a half or whatever.

What are you doing to resolve this situation with Black Market?

We're back and forth with the lawyers right now. Tryin to work it out and keep it cool. It'll definitely be over, we just gotta go about it like businessmen and make it happen.


Barlito's Way
Feb 8, 2006
It’s been more than 20 years since the release of this album and LBI. I feel like both of these albums are the last dope shit we got out of Lynch and realistically, there’s quite a few stand out tracks from both as his beat choice and lyricism was untouched at that time.