Was EBK 4 a dissapointment???

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Jun 11, 2004
it could have been much better if lynch and beta had a chance to polish the songs, it could have been another loaded type album. even as it is tho its still better than most the shit he has put out himself imho. i liked it.


Sicc OG
May 1, 2003
is this topic a joke? of course it was.

i dont know one person that started listening to him when 24 deep came out that would think otherwise

sure,looking back on it now,the album isnt that bad. but when that shit dropped i fuckin hated it
May 11, 2002
I thought it was a very tight release. You could tell it was unpolished, but it had some tight tracks. You could tell Lynch was heading in a different direction since Loaded, and it was probably Lynch's best Lyrically and the beats were tight.

Unfortunately, that would only be one of the few things released in that time frame. I would not even include "The Virus" because that was almost a 100% recycled project. Maybe there was only one track Lynch released in that time frame (Courpse Came To Dinner), and that was amazing.

That time has passed now and will be gone forever, the only thing we have got since Loaded was LBI, and what a horrible release for Lynch after all those years.

So yes, EBK4 was a tigth CD, I still bump it. I know there were a few recycled tracks on the CD, but there were a lot of new tracks. Not disappointed in it at all. I wish Ced would still release these projects.

Dogg Market = Tight

My Love = Great track. Love the beat. I wish Pook & Shotgun was not on the track, just Lynch on 3 verses because his first one is classic. Lynch @ his peak in my opinion.

Raw Meat = Another classic and Lynch @ his peak again.

Holding On = Tightest track on the CD. Classic Lynch.

Blood On The Rug = Tight.


Sicc OG
Sep 27, 2002
If Lynch would have finished it the way he wanted to without all the features, it easily would have been a great album...
Apr 8, 2006
I thought Xcaliba was just an older song tossed on there??

But EBK4 was a dissapointment only because it came after LOADED which is still one of my fav Sac and Lynch releases ever.
And I wasn't really to dissapointed because I already knew that the album was stolen so it wouln't be in its top form and @ the same time it almost made it a lil more interesting,the cover was hella sicc AND it did have new Brotha Lynch Songs where he was @ his best...Can't 4get about "Hunta Killa"
Jun 14, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
Ah, EBK4. Shit, it feels like forever since that cd came out. I remember when it first came out I was against buying it because it was a bootleg Lynch album put out by Ced and I supported Lynch to the fullest. It contained songs that were either previously released (X-Caliba for the record was on Desperados compilation - for those that don't know) or songs that weren't finished and he added artists onto it. I remember shortly after it came out (Summer of 2000) I was fuckin around on napster and downloaded some of the songs that were thrown together and I was digging them (My Love is still my shit). So I warmed up to it. Its been nearly 9 years since it was released and I've got to say, it wasn't entirely a dissapointment. It's unfortunate that that situation happened and Lynch couldn't get his masters and EBK 4 been a real album, but I still listen to it, like it and think it's a lot better than most of the so called shit that's out on the market today.
May 16, 2002
it took me a long time to really appreciate it. i gave it a couple of listens and threw it to the side for about a year, then gave it a chance again and it grew on me...