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Jan 7, 2003
I just spoke with Tech due to allot off the comments being said on here about the album release date and people that wish Tech would come on here and say some things...the scoop that I got was this:

Tech himself said that because of all of the leaking of the songs over the net and the downloading of them. He is in the studio this week recording at least 5 new songs for the album...Y'all that are leaking the songs and downloading them are really fucking with his heart and he hates that people would do that to him. So, the muthafuckas that think you have a piece of the album...realize you really ain't got shit. Stop the disrespect...and it doesnt matter that when the album does drop you'll go and get it. Patience is a virtue...learn that.

Tech said that the album will be out in the fall...Due to the fact that he wants an album to be released that not everyone has a part of already...that takes time and due to the fact that they linked some finishing touches with universal. The album WILL NOT be out until fall.

I hope that will kill some of the talk going on about what's up...and I hope that you will see that leaking songs off of someone's not released album is straight fucked up. Especially when it looks to be someone close to you that leaks the shit. Tech said he will get to u y'all when he can but for now...those of you that leaked and downloaded the shit are the reasons that he's busy in the studio and can't get the album to you now.

Jul 4, 2005
dope, good lookin out on the october 24th release would be about the dopest birthday gift ever...keep it comin tech
Feb 8, 2006
I'm sure I'll take my lumps for this, but that story sounds a little flaky to me. Not that Dena is being dishonest, just that the story sounds irregular.

I have not downloaded ANY leaked tracks, and I want to be clear on that. But, those people who are SO dedicated and SO loyal that they commit a crime (i.e. downloading) to hear tech's new music should not be chastised. From a legal standpoint, they should not be tolerated (of course). But as fans, tech should respect them. They are fanatical. They are craving new music and new information about tech. Does he really think this is disrespectful? He should be flattered.

If someone dl's the latest pop song on the radio, they are probably doing it in lieu of buying the album. However, I guarantee that 99.9% of those who take the trouble to download an underground, leaked track from Tech N9ne are going to buy the album when it comes out.

Learn to love the hype you created tech. Embrace it. I heard someone say "I mp3 everything that you hear on the streets".

As for those that leaked the tracks - shame on them and I have no defense.

Jan 7, 2003
Tech didn't say disrespect...Dena did...he said it's hurts his heart and fucks with him were his exact words...He also said that he realizes that everyones just anxious to hear the new shit and to have a hold of it...But he doesnt want his music to get out in that sort of way. I'm sure that he's glad taht people want the music so bad...But it's kinda like ruining someone's suprise party ya know.

and dont be trying to discredit the shit I say...I wouldnt have brought it t you if tech didnt ask me to.
May 30, 2006
go and get wicked jugallow
i found a thread in a german forum with an upload of everready tracks and told the site admin that the songs r leaked and he deleted them so get his ass
beat this motherfucker
Aug 9, 2005
ok so him being in the studio making more tracks for the album so it has fresh tracks is a bad thing? im not following

coz yano, it sucks that everything got outta hand with the leaking of what leaked and everything but one must realize that if something is withheld for so long eventually it happens, things cannot be kept secret forever and it really sucks that half the album has already been passed around the net, but if that has forced tech to go back in the studio to make more for his album, wtf i say in the end it will be looked @ as a good thing for tech and his fans and the album no doubt, everready was obviously held back for too long and basically nothing was said on it, shame someone close to him felt they needed to get the cd out before tech but in doing so they may have helped him yano :ermm:

still can't wait for the cd, dena right when she says it drops when it does, if it comes out in the next ten years it still won't matter, i will still be in line for my copy, like most of us id assume :cheeky:

tech do your thing