Rockies vs Red Sox

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Dec 22, 2004
Who u got to win the series I'm picking Rox(ROCKIES) in 6...

I'm glad they are the underdogs in the Series just like they been all postseason.

Wait to they get here in Coors and see Man Ram handle all that outfield...
Mar 12, 2005
Being a Giants fan, Personally, I WOULDN'T LIKE SEEING THE ROCKIES WIN IT! So I'm going for the Bo-Sox. @Jesse, your right that is a scary though, scoring 23 runs with David or Manny Producing. Dustin Pedroia is nutz man, dude is under the radar and one of the best up and coming 2nd basemen if not prospect. This year had alot of good infield Rookies or 2nd Year players, along with pitchers too. Watch out of Jacoby Ellisbury, dude can mash the ball and when he's ready you can say good bye Manny Ramirez.
Mar 16, 2005
well baseball always goes in streaks and thats who has the upper hand usually.....the rox streak is amazing...advantage Rockies

Also look at post season #'s and most times pitching beats hitting...again advantage Rockies....they have an insane era and that was including the powerhouse of Philly in round 1

next defense wins championships...Rockies have the best EVER fielding %...advantage Rockies

So you factor most of the things that matter

Rockies will win

give me Redsox in 6