My baby brother died tonight

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Rest In Free SoCo
Sep 27, 2004
i am honestly at a loss of words..

i dont think i have the words to say what i want to say or that could possibly describe what i feel. we never crossed paths much on here, an occasional prop or two but when i got one from him it was a highlight. i dont mean to bring his whole life and presence and bundle it up into a button press, but those who know know its more than that. he seemed like a great guy who had lots of respect behind his words. even if they were blunt, you have to respect a guy who is able to tell it like it is with no filter.

its crazy to see some of the familiar names pop out the woodworks..i wish it didnt take this but thats life. i really do love you all and wish the best for everyone.

much love to you and yours dana...i send mine if full.

at times like these..hug someone.
Feb 19, 2015
Is cause of death known yet? Very strange for a young man his age to drop dead with no pre-existing conditions. Not to pry, my deepest condolences to you and yours, but I'm curious to know what caused this sorta tragedy.

Hood Rat Matt

aka Goodfella (since '02)
Oct 19, 2009
East Oakland (Hills)

Celebrating the life of Cut-Throat @Cut-Throat with the brehs 💙
man I'm hella mad I didn't get to be in that pic. Wzup siccmadesyko i din't know that was you with Jose yesterday
Feb 10, 2006
I don't get on much anymore(work ) but when I do I always like to see familiar names on here. then I go into the open forum and see this thread. I was like fucc no, although we don't meet a lot of each other in the flesh it feels like somehow were all connected. the siccness has brought all of us thru hard, dark and funny times. good and bad and I feel like I know a lot of you throughout the years. cut throat was a funny dude, a class act. my condolences go out to his fam, Dana Dane @Dana Dane and the rest of the sicc breh goons. I hope everything went well with the services. R.I.P. Cutty