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  • shut the fuck up and buy my album gayboy

    lasmostblunted — L.A.M.B - "Violence of tha Lambz" Album (CD)

    if you don't find somethin you like on there i'll give you your money back
    Hahaha I don't give a damn what you can do. Instead of trying to get attention from a Pokémon rapper like me, go out and do something constructive with your time. Wit yo wack ass. Crazie Locs has better quality sound than you and we can actually understand what he's saying lol
    lmfao i would rap circles around you homeboy .. shit ain't even close. foh wit your pokémon raps, shits the worst soundcloud rapper shit i ever heard. crazie locs shit go harder, real talk.
    Just saw you replied lol that's cool. Some cats feel that way. I ain't tripping cause I got supporters that fuck with my music. Just like I'm sure some people fuck with yours. I personally don't like your music and stuff cause just as well you have not only a generic acronym for a name, but its basically a rip off of Gwen Stefani's LAMB clothing line she has for girls. Your witness protection muffled voice is very unpleasant to the ear. Can't understand almost anything you say. And the quality of your music sounds like some forgotten 90's rap that didn't hold well over the years and sounds like rap that a couple of teenagers made in their bedroom and promoted around school. Overall not great. and your imagery is very amateur. looks like something made in Paint or some low budget photo editing app
    tbh it's because you have a terrible+generic flow and lack confidence/personality. you are better off interviewing cats, but you're pretty bad at that too, as u come off a nervous wreck.
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