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Nov 7, 2006
^ it was heart breaking when i first found out they was producing for artist like paris hilton and shit..

even tho they went in a different direction these days they still do some of the best production ive heard..

what yall think of Koopsta when he was around ??
You do realize the whole reason you are being called out on this is the fact that you are some super soft lil faggot with an accent from fuckin Australia callin other people wannabes for listening to certain shit, right?????
Aug 20, 2006
what does somebody that listens to lil b know about lyricism?

this album was boring, dude sounds like g malone but he tries to rip off DMX sometimes. in the first 2 or 3 songs either nothing at all rhymed or he rhymed the same word two or three times in a row.