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og MS

Member since 1997
Apr 25, 2002
Have some rare stuff in here... taking best offers. Good luck💪👌

BGz true story
BG chopper city perfect condition
BG chopper city sealed
BG checkmate. Ok condition
BG chopper city in the ghetto ok condition
Something for the whodi's. Sealed promo notch in spine
Silkk da shocker my world my way sealed - promo notch in spine
Mr serv on life insurance -promo notch on spine
Cashis the county hound
Lil wayne the block is hot
Lil keke birds fly south sealed
Petey Pablo diary of a sinner
Gucci Mane back to the traphouse sealed
I got the hook up soundtrack promo notch spine
Lil Flip underground legend 2 cd
Lethal da chozen few
Beelow ballaholic
Three 6 Mafia chpt. 2 World Domination og
Tear da club up thugs 36 mafia crazy n da laz dayz
Scarface the untouchable
Scarface Smile cd single
Scarface my homies 2 cd
Scarface the fix
Scarface Made
Hot boys get it how u live
Hot boys let um burn
8ball almost famous
8ball & Mjg Space age 4 Eva barcode punch
Silk da shocker charge it 2 da game promo notch spine
Silkk da shocker made man promo notch spine
Silk da shocker my world my way sealed promo notch spine
Chamillionaire the sound of revenge 2 cd
Mddl Fngz trouble
Haystak car fulla whiteboys
Master p if i could change cd single
Juvenile 400 Degrees
Juvenile the g code
Juvenile juvie the great
No limit all stars who u wit promo notch spine
Cmurder life or death
Cmurder bossalini promo notch on spine
Suave House. Ok condition
Ganxsta Nip pyscho thug
Big Ed the assassin promo notch spine
Big Tymers i got that work
JD instructions
Young Bleed my balls and my word ok condition
Young Bleed my own
Mia X Unlady Like
Mia X mama drama promo notch spine
Ugk side hustles
Screwed up click underground houston sealed
Gambino family ghetto organized promo notch spine
Khia thug misses
Kane and Abel rise to power
Rich Boy sealed
Webbie savage life 2 sealed
C-Loc ya heard me
David banner baptized in dirty water
Ray cash cash on delivery
Screwheads forever and a day 2 cd promo notch spine
Soulja slim Give it to em raw .. promo notch spine
Project dawgs when game unfolds
TI trap muzik
Kane and Able am i my brothers keeper
Promo notch spine
Gangsta Pat#1 Suspect rare og promo cut spine
Young Dro Best Thang Smokin sealed
Mr Mike Rhapsody promo slice spine
5th Ward Boyz Usual Suspects promo stickers
Prez-D Impeachment sealed
The terrorists terror strikes og.. cover stuck together.
Sons of Funk the game of funk. slice on spine
Willie D Loved by few Hated by Many promo stickers
TI trap muzak
2 Pistols Death Before Dishonor sealed
Plies Definition of Real
Ludacris Word of Mouf
Sole skin deep
Youngbloodz Drankin Potnaz
Unk 2nd season
Geto Boys Grip it on that other level og
SSK coming wit dem choppas . ok shape

Dogg pound dogg food ok condition
Tha Dogg Pound 2002
DPG Dillinger & Young Gotti
Daz Dillinger Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back
Mitchy Slick and Tiny Doo Strong arm robbery vol2
Himalayas partners in rhyme
Westside connection gangstas make the world go round single
Knocturnal these trees ok condition
Eazy E eazy duz it
Eazy E wanted 5150 home 4 the sick og
Eazy E eternal e 2 cd
Wc the shadiest one ok condition
Seattle the Darkside compilation
Above the law black mafia life
The relativez dirty money ok condition
Mack 10 first album
Jayo felony whatcha gonna do 2 cd
Makaveli og ok condition
Road dawgs dont be saprize promo print on cd
Sly boogy judgement day
Young swoop g world dont take me personally a lil scuffed up
2pac 2pacalypse now og
2pac r u still down 2 cd
Friday soundtrack
Ice cube amerikkkas most wanted og
Ice cube kill at will og
Ice cube bootlegs and bsides
Ice cube war and peace v2 peace disc
Dr dre concrete roots og
Da Eastsidaz
Tha Eastsidaz duces n trays
Kay 9ine tha 9 cocked back
CPO to hell and black
Bad azz money run sealed
West next comp sealed small promo slice
no spine damage
Mr short khop da khop shop
Gmo ballin4life og
Chronic 2000 still smokin 2 cd
Mc Eiht death threatz
Mc Eiht last man standing
Mc Eiht section 8
Mc Eiht th8tz gangsta
CMW we represent
Boyz n da hood soundtrack ok condition
Kali's finest stay ahead of the game
DBA the album
Jayo felony take a ride
Snoop dogg no limit top dogg
Snoop dogg the game is to be sold not told promo notch in spine
Snoop dogg ego trippin
Snoop dogg the last meal
Snoop dogg Malice in Wonderland
Kurupt streetz iz a mutha
Mack 10 bang or ball
Mack 10 paper route
Mack 10 the recipe
Mausberg nonfiction og
Sugafree street gospel
Xzibit restless ok condition
Crooked path which way is up promo hole back
E-dawg how long
We from the LBC sealed
Funk Daddy is tha source
Killafornia Organization og
Fo Clips Eclipse Just Be Thankful rare og barcode hole punch
Ruthless 10 Yr Anniversary decade of Game 2 cd
Kam Kamnesia barcode punch
DJ Fingaz Mad Idiot Mixx Full Clip v1
Kokane Presents Ths Hood Mob sealed
Blak Czer Tales From Da Blak Side rare
Misc? In My City
Reality Check
Damizza presents where I wanna be
Slow Pain Lil Don Juan sealed
Coop deville presents Community Service
Mr. Yayo Dem Mighty Dollas rare autographed
Blood & Crips Bangin on wax 2 saga continues rare
LA Attitude ft. G-Lo Streets of Dope
Nate Dogg Music & Me
Mayor Aka Ike Brown addicted to the grind v1
2pac How Do u want it single
Mr. Shadow Thug connection compilation
High Performance Records Presents Tha Product compilation 2cd.. rare Denver.
Twinz Conversation og promo stamp on cover.
Riccy Boy Parlay Wit Da Beast
Ice Cube laugh now cry later
Federation Mobstaz Federal Reserve
Lil 1/2 Dead the dead has arisen og rare
Murder was the case soundtrack og

RBL Posse an eye for an eye 2nd release
RBL Posse Hostile Takeover
Nard T Frisco Legends compilation
City on the hush comp
Lee lee the troublemaka chasing glory
Deco d prime example sealed
Big Mack A Better Way ok condition
Big mack doin it live cd single
Slo O game over
Hogg Boss hoggin my way (Salt Lake City)
Young C-Major Ice Cold (SLC)
Nuttso the movie
17 reasons screwed and chopped
Urban Legends compilation
Northern expozure 4 og
The Mobaloti
Scoob nitty the black tony montana promo notch spine
Ms parle one bad mother comin atcha
Gumbo mix 3
Gumbo mix lV
Gumbo mix 5
Cellblock compilation og w/ poster
Fully Loaded
Yukmouth killa klump im good
E40 charlie hustle ok condition
Steady mobbin black mafia promo notch spine
A-wax savage times og sealed
AMW criminals
Mac Dre thizzelle washington
Mac Dre Rapper Gone Bad og. little scuffed
West Coast Bad Boyz ll og decent condition
Pimp P Mack The Total Package
IMP Ill Mannered Playas og
Bully's Wit Fully's Guce & Killa Tay
4080 mag Bay Area's Greatest Hits vol1 ok condition
Ray Dogg Life of Don Rey vol 1
Demolition Men Big Rich Block Tested Hood Approved sealed cd and dvd
Max Mall Get Right promo single
Big Bola Da High Rolla of Smooth Black Poets MY2K1 promo spine hole
The Whoridas Talkin Bout Bank single sealed
DTL Dyin 2 Live sealed
Mac & Ak Hustle Music sealed
R.i.s.k annihilation
3-2 mention I Gotta Get It
Money B Presents Folk Music v1
Mista Cane who Am I? Sealed
A-Wax presents Who Got it?
A-Wax is Waxfase sealed
306 Records presents the Surfacing
D-Shot money sex drugs
D-Shot you need a hustler cd single sealed
B-Legit Hempin Ain't Easy
Hustlin City 2 City Executive Decisions 2 cd sealed
The Grimeyness compilation sealed
Steady mobbn black mafia
M-Dash po broke and lonely 2 cd sealed
Savage Life Street Lyrics... sealed
V-dubb ride til I die sealed
Arsenal 151 xplicit sealed
Nocturnal hustlers sealed
Pervelous p Camp sealed
NBD collector's item sealed
Darkroom Familia Los Traficantes sealed promo hole spine
Yun-Gun 16 shots bloc 2 bloc og
Triple Deep Let's get it on
Mac Dre Presents The Rompilation og
Too Short Chase The Cat
Mr. Kee 14 Kt. Dreams og ok condition
Scar Black Woman cd maxi single sealed
Biaje Radio edits promo from Madd Rapps
N2Deep The Golden State
Celly cel killa kali
Ray Luv Forever Hustlin
Ray Luv In The game cd single
Richie Rich Season Veteran . Little scuffed
Young Lay playahs mode rare promo a little scuffed
Celly cel the g-filez a little scuffed.
Dirty work presents capo la Familia ll sealed.
Messy marv turf politics promo cd
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og MS

Member since 1997
Apr 25, 2002
Myth Mythmaen Propheceez sealed
Hollow Tip Mic-C 2 sav still savd out
Brotha lynch hung now eat og sealed
Brotha Lynch Hung Loaded. little scuffed
Droop 90hate bootlegz collectionz 2 cd set sealed
Droop presents Lethal weaponz sealed
Droop moment of impakt sealed
Droop moment of impakt og press sealed rare
Droop moment of impakt new cover navarre sealed
Tmh evolution
Luni Coleone total recall
Luni coleone and hollowtip wanted dead or alive sealed
C-dubb grippin the game
C-dubb insanity at its finest
Mr doctor sworn in.. 95/01 sealed promo notch spine
G-idez lyrical angel dust
G-idez presents pcp
Grizm deployed the brigade
Central valley bad boyz 2 .. 2 cd sealed
Myth evolutionz sealed
Controversy sellz ok condition
Da Kat Still Subbin
Hawk & Garcia sealed
Hurrikaine J Storm of the Century sealed
Farm boy presents Plantin Seedz sealed
Central Valley Hustlers millenium Ballers 2001 sealed rare
Baby boy Ene TCN sealed rare
Rush Tribe Freshmen Release Senior Material
Mr. Doctor Bloccstyle cd single promo rare
DRS gangsta lean

Coo coo cal still walkin
Tech n9ne the worst og ok condition
Tech n9ne the worst 2k edition
Tech n9ne everready the religion 2 cd
S 2 the B the rising ok condition
Coo coo cal walkin dead
Coo coo cal disturbed
Coo coo cal all or nothin
Twista adrenaline rush ok condition
Twista legit ballin ok condition
Twista legit ballin 2k
Triple Darkness the cold blooded ep
Kory D the blunt sessions
Ms chambers dont judge a book by its cover
Young fierce sinful living righteous intent
Nelly brass knuckles sealed
Do or Die picture this ok condition
Do or Die headz or tailz
Chino nino knockem wit game
St lunatics free city
mad clique dont hate me
Eminem the marshall mathers lp
Nelly nellyville
Big Hamm fist fulla dollars og
Crucial conflict the final tic
Legendary traxter all hell breaks loose
Boondox krimson creek sealed
St lunatics
Southside Posse the anticpation of death .. rare
Young Kev Ghetto Gospel cd /dvd
Buckshot Welcome to the villa
Grant Rice empire sealed
T-Wes how you still ballin rare
L-Burna Thug By Nature
Cap one through the eyes of a don

Protect ya neck vol1 sealed promo notch spine
Chino xl told you so
Caught up soundtrack promo copy
50 cent the new breed 2 cd
Ruff ryders ryde or die ll
Jerzey mob comp
The show soundtrack ok condition
Notorious big ready to die
50 cent get rich or die tryin 2 cd sealed.. collectors
50 Cent the Massacre
Kastro and edi blood brothers
Notorious BIG Ready to die og
Big Pun endangered species
Jay-Z American Gangster sealed
Oral Bee Sann Vi Putter Det Ned (norway)
Shyne Shyne
ODB the trials and tribulations of russell jones
Boss Born Gangstaz oh
2pac and biggie runnin maxi single a little scuffed
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og MS

Member since 1997
Apr 25, 2002
Mace the fatal lapse
Cool E welcome to hell
D-Loc Split Personality
The Perk
Jet life afta darkness
Guce if it ain't real it aint official sealed.promo hole
E-40 the mailman og
E-40 In a major way
Foe scissorhands sealed promo hole
New breed of hustlas streets got me gone sealed og rare
Askari X ward of the state
Askari X ward of the state maxi single
Celly cel deep conversation sealed
Goldy in the land of funk
Goldy whipped cream nuts cherries cassingle
Bay area playaz
Awesome dre and the hard committee sealed og rare
Dre dog the new jim jones
Totally Insane direct from the backstreet
First degree the De Planet Zero sealed
11/5 bootlegs and g-sides sealed promo hole
Ice Cube death certificate
Ice cube the predator
Scarface the world is yours
Ghetto boys grip it on that other level of
Spice 1 187 he wrote
HCU gangstas rare
Rally ral something kinda funky sealed
Darkroom familia penitentiary chances sealed promo hole
Afro Rican against all odds
JD Walker the career criminal
The Best of C-Bo
Mr doctor setripn bloccstyle sealed promo hole
Every dog has its day compilation
Too short born to mack
Too short get in where you fit in
Too short greatest hits player yrs 2 cass
Seagram the dark roads
Young woo Anna's boy
Ben B Hard just a matter of time
D-bone black man
The real half pint to the land of funk
Animosity compilation sealed
Spice 1 trigga gots no heart maxi single
African identity you won't come to my funeral sealed
Chunk marked for death
Master P mama's bad boy
Master P get away Clean
MC Pooh the life of a criminal og
Northside dodge city
Pooh man judgment day
Insane poetry grim reality
Nemesis temple of boom
Havoc and prodeje kickin game
Rappin 4tay ain't no playa like maxisingle sealed
Bukshot one more for the hataz sealed
Joka Flow On maxisingle
Mob Rule That Good Stuff cassingle
Potna Deuce Dats my Potna cassingle
Gangsta Dre If u fuckin / sitting on edge of the curb promo cassingle sealed no cover
Brotha lynch hung Datz Real Gangsta cassingle sealed
Illegal we get busy cassingle
RBL Posse How we comin cassingle
Seagram Souls on Ice advance promo white cover
The 916 alliance silence the violence pt 1 cassingle rare
Biggy Smallz cruisin maxi single sealed
The link crew the world in my eyes cassingle sealed
Kokane 4 Ryders only cassingle
Young Lay ft Mac Mall and Ray Luv all about my fetti cassingle
WOG hotel motel maxi single promo sealed
DTL dyin 2 live sealed
Born 2wice portrait of a serial player sealed
Mac Mall Illegal Business
Insane poetry black plague sealed
Who Am I? Addictive Hip hop muzick
Pimpsta Texas Wata sealed
Boogie down productions loves gonna getcha maxi single
Tung Twista return / suicide maxi single
Funk Daddy Funk u right on up
Skee 64 oz late night movin cassingle
Sinister I won't forget you G maxi single
JT the Bigga Figga dwellin in the lab cassingle sealed
JT / Killa Tay promo cassette
Priority Records 94 ass full o funk for tha trunk promo cassette

Ghetto celebrities Mac Dre
Totally insane presents Neva Legal no gimmicks still lawless 2 disc set DVD and CD. Sealed. Out of print.
Apt 3 / DNA Presents Mobb Legacy 10 yrs deep
Snoop Dogg Da Game of Life VHS
Cellski presents 2took tv
T9x tech n9ne experience
We the west dvd mixtape v1
FU2 fresno uncensored 2 dvd and cd soundtrack sealed
E-40 aka charlie hustle dvd sealed
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og MS

Member since 1997
Apr 25, 2002
Added CDS

C-Bo Money Be the Ton cd maxisingle
Paris Guerrilla Funk
Mr. Servon Da next level promo notch spine
Fiend There's one in every family promo notch spine
Fiend Street Life promo notch spine
J-Deville Huck off sealed
Daz Dillinger R.A.W. og
9-Milla Da Heat very rare
CWAL Ballaz working during tha drought
Bullet head 2 cd compilation
Demolition Men J-Stalin mix early morning
Suga Free... Mausberg The Konnectid Project og
Jayo Felony Crip Hop
5th Ward Juveniles Deadly Grounds promo sticker tray and promo print on cd
Bad Azz Personal Business
Brotha Lynch Hung One Mo Pound promo single
11/5 presents Grind and Post promo notch spine
D-Flexx Planet Playa promo notch spine
Cool E Funk Fo Life
Twista The Day After
Rappin 4-Tay I'll be around maxisingle
Mac Shell shocked promo notch spine
Young Bleed Rise thru the ranks . scuffed up
80 west Chip on my shoulder. a bit scuffed up
Luniz Operation Stackola . A little scuffed
Hollow Tip Flawless og . Scuffed up
Nif Nasty On Em v1 rare. Ok condition.
TI Paper Trail
Ray Luv Last Nite maxi single ok condition
Mystikal unpredictable og ok condition
Tech N9ne Anghellic ok condition
Shane Capone Flood these streets ok condition
Mobbin Thru the Bay compilation cd scuffed
MVP's compilation . CD scuffed


Apr 25, 2002
FUBU Outlet
Yeah bruh im cool moved to Seattle from The Valley 2 yrs ago, I remember meeting you once when you opened your CD shop in Merced. you were a cool ass dude. Glad to see you and your fam are doing good and stay safe bro! Much love and respect always brotha! Im just curious what ever happend to Killa Valley Rec.? I bought every album yall came out with to support yall. Stay up mayn.