Guns are stupid

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Long live the KING!!!!
May 7, 2002
Shit can go bad quick. You never know when you may need to use it for protection, and even though I don't own any guns, I like knowing the fact I can get one if I need it.

Mexico doesn't allow its citizens to own guns, that's why it's so peaceful.
lol exactly.


Apr 25, 2002
FUBU Outlet
Nothing wrong with a home owner/family man owning a gun to protect his never know what the person has (weapon) or what his intentions are when they are breaking into your home. Owning a gun is a big responsibility It takes a real MAN to keep a gun the right way without slipping up and accidents happen. When boys own guns and brag about it take pics wielding them and other stupid shit, this is when gun owners have accidents and make all gun owners look dangerous.

This thread reminds me of an old SICCNESS member named "Mack10 Owner" he would always post pics of himself all crazy looking with all types of crazy ass guns in the pic.