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Mac Jesus

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May 31, 2003
I don't even know what to say regarding a dude who has 14 years experience in his job but can't even do basic shit. Talking about how fast he can do shovel tests, when he got me taking all the notes. As a crew lead he's supposed to be taking a good 75 percent of them. Instead I'm doing 100 percent of them. Dude is hella fat and can barely hike in the woods too, he asked me to lead the crew out to the site from the trucks cuz he's not good at navigating, I guess, and I went full pace instead of his slow ass pace we usually do and he kept asking us to stop so he could take a drink, then he'd stand there and catch his breath for a while. I miss fast paced archaeology, I'm bout to get fat and die from lack of exercise. Bout to go anorexic like butcher until I can start working at normal speeds again.