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Mac Jesus

Girls send me your nudes
May 31, 2003

1997 working at Netscape, I met one of the phone operator chicks.

She was a rocker chick & had dreadlocks, a bald pussu, massive ass & faptastic tiddies. Way more ink than I.

She also had a man she lived with, so our choices of places to get freaky were limited to our place of work, or on lunch.

One day we are outside of the docking area (I worked in shipping) & kissing or whatever & she decides we need to step into the stairwell.

We go into the stairwell, where nobody ever went, & she gave me head.

The next day I get to work & my boss, (who was also her boss *site operations manager*) head of security & HR immediately pull me into a conference room, first thing when I get there.

They showed me print outs of the camera footage where they saw her sucking my dick.

My boss was light hearted about it, & didnt trip... they decided to not fire us, but we got suspended without pay for it, for 2 days.

When I got outside, she was by my car & had a smirk on her face (they got to her an hour before I got into work), we decided to leave her car there, & head to my apartment & she told her man she was staying close to work for the night (she lived up in boulder creek, we worked in Mt. View)

the next 2 days off of work were a full on fuck-fest & it was awesome.

She moved years later, but we continued our thang thang for years. I got my pitbulls from her man, & partied with them both on multiple occasions.

She is still my friend to this day.

TL;dr ..I got caught fucking on cam by security at work.

I got another one too....

You going to expose this Mixerr @Mixerr ? Netscape tattooed areolas, breh.


Allez Les Bleus 🌟🌟
Feb 27, 2006
Paris, France