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Oct 25, 2011
didn't know freedomtown liked battle rap, dirtbag dan is shit btw.
He's cocky as shit... his whole click is like that.
little rap fame + zero street cred = overly cocky battle rapper.

To think, if only I had knocked up some broad, even with everything else exactly the same same job same laziness etc. I'd have like 5-7k in my bank account right now, and my fridge would've been full this whole year and I'd probably weigh like 20 extra pounds. Thanks Obama for this awesome welfare nation where honest white single males bear the burden of everybody elses lousy life choices. At least Bush threw me an extra 400 every year, thank you Bush.

only voting conservative from now on, chess not checcers
breh I was just thinking that same shit yesterday, why can't I have an EBT card?

all these lazy ass ppl sit at home all day & smoke weed & make babies jsut to keep gubment money & I'm out here bustin my ass... shouldnt the reward go the other way around?