DB Tha General Thread

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Feb 11, 2006
niggaz voice sound like his nutts aint dropped yet,his got one of those voices that make you wanna punch him in the wind pipe and shout "snap dafuq out of it"
Jun 5, 2004
Db a decent artist but this shit is dumb... This is the type of shit that make people say he sound/act like a teenager, and not even give him a listen cuz of it he losing hundreds of potential fans

Its always so fkn stupid to hear rappers beefing after theyve done 5011 tracks with each other... Like ok nigga, if bruh is such a weenie and he aint from oakland he aint never been from nowhere, then y the fuck was u rockin wit them for hella years makin music together gettin on each others albums???

Id also like to say that the title of the video is compleetely false, shouting over someone does NOT=punking them. Its also convienant that the volume on d-los voice is turned hella down u cant even barely hear him