dago rappers?where is irocc & smigg dirty from?

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Aug 15, 2002
Smigg is from Sac and Dago and Rocc is from SD....what set they from is for them to speak on...now Rocc if you out there answer my thread
Apr 20, 2005
ladyyella83 said:
it matters because of misrepresentation....
it really does matter, especially for west coast rappers. Its like if u dont bang crip or blood or got mad street cred. u wont get any kind of respect or recognition. Does the code of silence still exist?
Jan 23, 2006
& thats why the westcoast is lacking in sales.

u can have all the street cred u want, but if u aint a dope rapper - u aint gonna sell records.
Its not just street cred, its cred in general. Whatever you sayin or rappin
about, you gotta have credibility in that subject period. Look at emenim,
he was rappin bout gettin beat up and shit and goin through it wit kim.
Folks knew it was truth 2it, even though it wasnt gangsta, it was real and
he sold alot. And alot of west coat folks bought the cd so shit aint gotta Be
Jan 23, 2006
right... but him talking about KILLING HIS WIFE & BEATING UP THE BULLY wasnt ever real.

my point is, folks can sense real emotion & that i respect. but some people get it twisted between real emotion & real acts.

most of these rappers out right now did 99% of what they claim. & the difference is... they go out on record & interviews saying I REALLY DID THIS.

thats where rappers are getting caught up.

i might have not murdered anyone before. but we've all felt like it.... & thats what I speak on... the feeling of doing it.
I would hope rappers aint really speakin on what they did because that will
be stupid, but I feel you on the emotion. thats the only thing that has 2 be
real 2 be felt.
Jun 29, 2004
it really does matter tho... cause at one time irocc was claimin not bangin but claimin "west coast" but he cant even really go to the coast by what them coasta niggas tell me!!! & smigg is always in the conversation of top dago rappers ...but if hes not from dago he should be a top sac. rapper not dago... im just tryin to figure it out ya kno????
Oct 19, 2004
thats like saying SNOOP aint westcoast cuz he was born in MISSISSIPPI or some shit.

thats dumb.

u ever heard of that saying IT AINT WHERE U FROM, ITS WHERE U AT
when she said "west coast" she's not talkin about the actual coast of Cali homie.if you from Dago you know what i mean by that, and it's like ron said i think your taking it outta context


CEO of Money Hungry/Hottest Underground N**ga in t
May 5, 2002
I'm good anywhere I go...and if I'm not its due to hate! Like FREAKS said "why does it matter long as we make good music"...and we do jus that....not to mention these 06 and 07 whips a nigga got wit no CAR NOTE and this 3 story 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Spank condo a nigga Got in San Marcos and that 2 story 4 bedroom 3 and half bathroom THING a nigga got Phoenix AZ (its too many people on here that know me personally to front!!!)...and SMIGG was Born in DAGO..raised in SAC and Lives in DAGO and he's prolly at the TOP of convo when it comes to DAGO RAP Cuz he can RAP GOOD!!!

I-Rocc reps the city OUTSIDE the City (we jus did the B.E.T awards Last week On some DAGO shit) Only other dago niggaz that bounced out was nick cannon,Battle,Mitch and lil Rob ...My job is to Make good music,Feed my kids,make money,spend money and live life nothing more and nothing less...I usually don't entertain Hater threads but I realize they also have a job to do so I figured I'd speak for that cause and to keep the thread alive....lol I am currently on Sycuan reservation at Shulace studio's on my sidekicc posting on here while wrappin up this "fixed fight" album for ya'll ...in the mean time catch me on.......

Ecay-Uno "mad at the world"
Cricet "mercy"
Damu "all by my lonely"
Sugafree "Sunday School"
Yukmouth "LORD OF WAR"
12 gauge shottie "this is how I'm living"
Mac Dre "starters in the game"
Mistah F.A.B & TURF TALK "hyphy aint dead"

Jus to hold You Over til these I-ROCC albums come out

Hope I assisted in ur quest for answers

Apr 25, 2002
Hahaha.. Don't be mad at me I don't make the list.. I just make it on the list..
I can't control my name bein brought up in conversations, only people like u can, like u did this time..
And as far as "turf politics", I am extra accepted in my hood, 21st Gardens, I fuc wit the VHGC's, I fuc wit everybody in Sac really, I'm not no "Gang Banger" but I am VERY involved with my hood, I'm not even in Sac as much as I used to be, and none of my niggas is mad about wut I do, or where I be at most of the time, I could not show my face for a whole year, and aint nobody gonna act different, no rumors will start, I don't know if its bcuz nobody from 21st raps, or wut, but I aint ever had a hate problem come from that way.

But anyways.. Maybe niggas bring me up in a Dago convo, cuz I luv SD too, so when I'm outta town in the Bay or bac in Sac or wherever I am, I push the line for dago music. even while I'm here in Dago, so even tho I wasn't raised here my whole time, or aint from a Dago hood, I'm still considered a part of the dago movement, cuz I'm pushin for the same thing, I got SD niggas on everything I release, my group The ATeam are all from dago. If u go in the BART board u might see my name being brought up like I'm from the Bay too. Aslong as my name keep comin up, I feel I'm doin sumthin right.