Cougnut album?? Anyone??

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Apr 11, 2008
Even though it's been 18 years, the album is finally coming out.

dont we hear this like once every 5 years....? somebody picks it up and starts workin on it and then we dont hear shit for years until the next announcement that someone else is handlin it

if anyone knows...its Gabe

arent most of the tracks already leaked onto Youtube? or is that just other random tracks from features he did?

who is workin on this now and are they reliable enough to make it happen?

it doesnt take much to print up an album these days

we'll see

RIP Coug....the game needs u more than ever bruh
Props: dalycity650
May 31, 2006
i would love the hear the mentioned leaks professionally mixed and mastered by the right people. also if i remember correctly there was a GANG of songs listed in that one ancient thread that were never leaked.