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Jun 3, 2006
As a christian, i really can't say bro. I mean thats like someone saying is christianity legit, or judaism, or buddhisim, etc. If it don't feel right to you, then hey don't go mayne. But I don't think its no one's place to judge what someone believes in. My 2 cents.
you aint gonna get no better advice than that
Jan 6, 2003
I dont know it does sound like a cult to me..... I been tryin to research it.... My cuzzin goes here and I want info to prove my cuzzin its a cult.... they believe son dude name ahnsahnghong is the second coming christ..... its crazy.... they tried a bible study wit me but it was to confusing they kept skippin bac and forth from different scriptures in the bible tryin to prove what there talkin about
Apr 23, 2006
This is a cult and not a church!

I saw a friend's life get ruined by this organization. They dominated every facet of her life. Within two years this intelligent, college educated, and confident woman couldn'[t even make the most simplest of decisions on her own. The church contribution policies also meant that she was constantly broke. Another friend that I met through her (then a junior in college) committed suicide.

I realize that certain segments of this chuch in in other parts of the country are doing good work. And I have nothing to gain by bashing a religious organization, but please be aware before you join any organization that promotes evil.
what is the name of the church