Berner Sits Down With Damon Campbell Speaks About & Dutch

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
it was also called green door. green door san diego.
they got shut down so fast tho, i think they suffered more of a loss than anything. from my personal experience im thinkin they lost about $110,000-$200.000

opening a club is a risk, it can be rewarding or you can lose everything.
oh nah i was askin you what shop you worked at/opened..if it was green door you saw me pretty much every day for 8-9 months lol.....i used to go to green door in SD all the time. matter fact for the first few months of going to green door i didnt have a card and could just walk in...i guess cuz i know all the rappers in the town and they get benefits like that...that used to be my spot. i remember when they closed down shit was awkward they was doin mad business and all the sudden shit dissapeared.

i know they was caking before the shut down and they were open for a hot one..there was another green door in north park but they were a private shop

im still a lil sour about green doors ivapor thing...they sold hella of those pens then couldnt keep cartridges...but i guess that was more of the ivapors fault
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