A Moderator's Job

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Long live the KING!!!!
May 7, 2002
Satingun what is it that you do in the business? well never mind i guess you cant answer that question i just noticed your name was PINK!!
you ever heard the dick sucking sounds in alot of skits? well yeah, thats her, she is the mac minister of dick sucking.


Some Random Asshole
Apr 25, 2002
And you know I'm none of the above, which really bugs you, doesn't it?

lol, its ok, you have the right to say whatever you want to me, or about me. Just remember that I have the same right!

You'll be ok, those meds ought to kick in soon for yah. :knockout:
What's that whore? You got banned and can't talk shit now? And yeah, you have the same right hoe, say what you want. I'm an asshole. I'm a jerk. And I'm the type of person that'll put your mom to work...oh, now i'm a rapper hoe.

and yeah, my muscle relaxers kicked in finally, along with the fire that i finally got from my boy.....and had some HENN XO last night while watchin the homies get smashed in front of their ladies...lol...
May 9, 2002
I know you're glad! But you are wrong about many things; Life is what we make of it, and I know what is important to me may not be important to the next person. Contrary to your hopes, I don't have to Google big words, and I don't try to get anyone to envy my life. I have my struggles the same as the next person trying to make a decent life, I wasn't born with a silver spoon.

You are definitely in the running for one of those awards, though, the spell check one!
I dont spell check..because i dont give a shit about spelling right on a MESSAGE BAORD. If i spell something wrong and dont catch it while im typing...oh well, it is what it is.

Contrary to my hopes? Bitch, i dont hope ANYTHING in your direction.
May 9, 2002
LMAO! Oh my! You are SO INTENT upon trying to diss me that you either didn't read what I wrote and realize it to be a joke, or you actually believe that once you turn 18 you gain vocabulary through osmosis... Oh, ROTF!
It doesnt matter WHAT the content of you "bragging" was...its the fact that YOU still feel it necassary to brag. Do you get that? Can your brain comprehend such volatile tasks?

BTW, you look ugly in pink too, fatass.