40's new single wid keak sucks

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Jul 27, 2005
hahahahahaha!!!! Thats Sad man. I gotta hear for myself tho. 40 is one of My favorite artists, and the only song i ever thought that was weak by 40 was "RASTA FUNKY STYLE" Off the O.G. FEDERAL S.M.G. release. That shit was Horrible.
Mar 23, 2005
i think 40 the best rapper ever he comes weak it's worse then that adam's familey song i think it's called flamboastin i think he made a big mistake going wit little john the song is posted on westcoast2k.net
May 31, 2005
the only part i dont like is the end, that shit is hella corny, especially when he says "THIZZ FACE! THIZZ FACE! THIZZ FACE!" haha damn thats when i gotta cut that shit off. the whole song before that call and response shit go's though, lil jon came hard on the beat.

"Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake 'em" -40..lol

"Imagine All the Hebrews Goin dumb"- 40.... lol
Mar 23, 2005
i hope there's much better song's on ghetto report card.can't wait for it to drop any 1 know why turftalk and b-la don't have a song together maybe they do iv'e never hearda 1
Jan 19, 2003
shit after readin all those reviews i thought it was gonna be a lot worse... listened to it twice thru n it sounds cool, but yeh Meelo when he starts repeating shit over n over shit sounds rediculous- all the cliche bay shit, some of which is really startin to get on my nerves....

people in the bay complain about hearin "CRUNK" too much, n how it's the same shit over n over.... what fuck bout these GD stunna shades and all the squares jumpin on the bandwagon w/ em lookin gay as fuck.

HEY LOOK I GOT A BIG WHITE T-SHIRT AND BIG TEXAN HIGHWAY PATROL SUNGLASSES ON. Hmmmm so do ALL my fuckin homies n we all look like fuckin clones but we're cool cuz we're BAY n FUCK everyone else cuz it's the bay or NUTHIN. n then let's look physically retarded tryin to thizz face on myspace.

sorta like how some folks on here complain about how the bay aint blowin up, but they dont support any non-bay artists. If u go by that logic, why the fuck should they blow up? don't support anyone else, why should they support us?

sorry, that's my tired-as-fuck-with-a-headache rant against ... whatever i was ranting about.
Sep 11, 2005
hes jus tryin to get the bay bigger, get it known what we know it for...thizz,ghost ride the whip. show ya gold grill all that shit...40's on the hyphy movement, maybe he sees this as his ticket to blow the fuck up again, dont get me wrong hes hella big, i think one of the best that is the most underrated, but hes jus tryin to make a track to inform the squarebears, all the Tiffanys, Thomas's, Charles', Geoffreys....tryin to let them catch up on all this shit, that way its all new to them, inform them about all the yay shit in one song an not have to keep makin multiple tracks about it....jus my opinion
Oct 20, 2003
i dont know if yall noticed but 40 isnt only releasing his album in the Bay so he's spreading the movement you ignorant fucks...

we all know that shit is old but its new to most...

yall keep crying about niggas stealing our slang so he's lettin everyone know what are slang is and how we get down in the Bay and now yall wanna hate...

the song is pretty cool to me...im not a hyphy dude but i can imagine the club going crazy when the ending of the song comes on...

i dont even like 40 that much but a video for that song would knock the doors down and the bay could come rushing in...

think about the big picture and stop thinkin about the bay...

im high and im out...
Apr 25, 2002
And Lil Jon is 100% behind the movement and wants to put the spotlight on the Bay. This is going to be a big year for the Bay for that reason. This is going to be some nationwide shit, and Jon isn't trying to change what they are doing, but embrace. I was in the studio while the shit was coming together. He is loving the Bay shit. Support that shit.
Nov 13, 2005
Are yall fuckin serious. That song slaps. E-40 came hard on that shit. I wonder who posts shit up on here. Im in LA and these niggas out here are suckin our shit. This song is a slapper. LA niggas are on this they played this song out here on the radio my nigga told me. Trust me the song has nationwide appeal. This song will do well with the proper video
Nov 16, 2005
omg, if you guys are talking about that song on the radio where he repeats all that dumb shit over and over like "ghostride da whip ghostride da whip shake dem dreads shake dem dreads" that is one of the most horrible tracks i have heard in a long time...
May 25, 2005
watch, if the video come out and hit 106 and mtv, it aint gon be nothin on here but them stupid ass TBIB sayings and everybody gon be on his d i c k. i dont get what the hell is wrong wit yall out here. i swear since i been out the bay yall done got hella negative n shyt. VALLEJO ON MINES YOU BEEZY!!
May 20, 2002
You cats R' tuna. Can't even support your home team, damn! There's your reason why the Yay don't blow!

40 do yo thang along with err other Yay artist. Make sho' you stay away from these crabs in a bucket hatin' ass suckas. :dead: