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  1. xpanther206

    NEW Tacoma Anthem

    When/where will the album be available, and will this song be on it?
  2. xpanther206

    Excellent Song From Kansas City - What Is This???

    Hello, I was going through a bunch of old music and discovered this gem. I believe it is by 3rd Degree and called "Killa City" but I'm not sure, and unfortunately it is just a snippet that I somehow acquired from around 2005 or 2006. Does anybody know what it is and where to find the full...
  3. xpanther206

    Seahawks Anthem???

    Does one exist for the Super Bowl like the one Skunt did way back in '06? Gotta admit, this one for the Broncos is pretty good, a lot better than any of the Seahawk ones I've heard so far. Problem is, the rappers in our town who really know what they're doing aren't the ones making these songs...
  4. xpanther206

    West Coast Stone's "Salute the West" Is Outstanding!

    One of the best albums to come out of the Northwest in a long, long time. In my iTunes out of 15 tracks I rated 5 of them 5-stars, 9 of them 4-stars and one of them 3-stars. For context, I rate about 30% of my collection 4 stars or higher, so to go 14 for 15 is pretty god d*** good. What a...
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    Very Early Impression of Twin-G's "I Shouldn't Be Alive"

    So I was crossing my fingers that it'd be available on Amazon after midnight tonight and it was. Purchased, DL'd and am giving it a very quick listen right now. All I can say is wow, outstanding, very well done. The production is simply sensational and the lyrics are what we've come to expect...
  6. xpanther206

    New Certified Album

    Skillet Gang I believe it's called? Heard awhile back that was supposed to be this summer, what's the latest?
  7. xpanther206

    Sonicsgate - Must Watch for NBA Fans... they can see what a fuckin joke of a professional league that circus is. A definite must watch for Seattle folks, it will make your blood boil but never forget that travesty.
  8. xpanther206

    Sonicsgate Some good shit right there, not to mention a lot of Seattle rap music. A must watch for the proud Seattle folks, it will make your blood boil but never forget that travesty.
  9. xpanther206

    Must Read : Rules of Being a College Football Fan (Many Violators on this Board!)

    Read this and then look in the mirror everybody... By Danny O'Neil Seattle Times NFL reporter Rule No. 1: No bigamy. You have one school that you get to be passionate about: The one you attended. Exception 1: If you...
  10. xpanther206

    Bow Down To Washington

    Big enough news to warrant a post over here not just in Sports. A great day for the state of Washington.
  11. xpanther206

    D. Black AliYah

    Where in Seattle is this album available for purchase on 9/15???
  12. xpanther206

    Official Washington Huskies Thread

    There I started it. Team looked good last night, the Willingham era is officially over, thank god.
  13. xpanther206

    Jerm & Rufio of Alpha P "Kick It With Me"

    Saw this video on YouTube, really like it, anybody know: What album this is from and if it's available yet? If there is a full version mp3 download anywhere?
  14. xpanther206

    Bunch of Seattle Dudes Prod by Jake One "Home" : The Song & The Video

    From his White Van Music album there was that Seattle anthem on there. I haven't been posting but don't recall that song getting a lot of hype on here (maybe b/c it's on an out of town label?). What does everybody think of the song and the video? I think it's outstanding, one of the best...
  15. xpanther206

    Whatever Happened to Tha Loco being on Kube 93???

    I heard he had an album coming out that had a single that was going to be on Kube (featuring Livio maybe???). Did that ever happen, does he have an album in the works?