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    What happened to the original Worlds Longest thread

    Thats a shame. Guess they probably had a lot of space to clear up. I was hoping to take some trips down memory lane!
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    What happened to the original Worlds Longest thread

    Life I guess haha. Left for awhile, came back and left again. Guess social media kinda took over my internet time. I randomly just thought about the siccness today. Almost 20 years since I first signed up for this damn site. Areola man that brings back some memories lmao Is fubu mane la flare...
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    What happened to the original Worlds Longest thread

    Man I remember that thread being ridiculously long. Guessing it got deleted? I think i had 15k replies to that thing haha. Was just trying to find it so I could see how many of the original members of this forum still posted. Anyway to find it?
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    2010 and prior Members

    Man, I had a lot of good times on this website. Dont know why I left, but Im sure social media took over. Almost 20 years ago I joined this site. Remember it like it was yesterday. Trying to find old songs, wondering if Tech will ever blow up, and praying for features. Wild ride its been. Ive...
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    What up nick?! For some reason I felt the need to check if this was still around also. Damn! Had some good memories on this board. Hope everyone is doing well. I wish I could get in contact with Stacy and Dr Drew, but sadly lost touch of them in the myspace days. If anyone has any contact PM Me.
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    Prolly a dumb website question but...

    Im designing a website for my artist...but im new so its going rough. Im trying to make it more modern. What is the script or blog or whatever you can use to put up your latest news? like on or cause thats who the record company said they would like his website...
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    Ines Sainz at Super Bowl

    baddest bitch in sports reporting?
  10. TheVille31 and Channelsurfing shut down

    This shit just keeps on happening. I know i know there will be another site to replace it. But its just dumb to me. So you mean to tell me I cant stream sports but they can find they're daily dose of Pedophile shit at Grapes of 4chan? Shit dont make no sense. Go find bin laden or somethin...
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    ESPN: The Truth about Kobe in crunchtime not really for or against kobe...rather see him do better tahn bitch ass lebron though.... interesting article especially for IronLungs who thinks hes better than jordan :dead:
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    I just got this shit and im disappointed. I mean it does have hella old movies but it seems to be slackin on older not so popular movies and some newer tv shows (no modern family? come on now). How often does this shit update? who else fucks with it? didnt know to post this in movies or...
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    Lets Settle This Once and For All..

    Which is better? Make the playoffs with possibility of being one and done? Or Not making the playoffs? I'm making this to see how delusional raider fans really are and too see what everyone else thinks. and yell i misspelled done on the poll
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    Pro Bowl

    Who on your team do you think should make it? Id say Jamaal has to make it. only 56 yards away from rushing title with 80 less carries. Cassel should be in but i doubt it. He just doesnt have the yards but he does have teh TD's and lack of INTS. D bowe gots it for sure. One of our oline...
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    Titans @ Chiefs

    Lets hear it raider fans. Whats your prediction? Titans 23 Chiefs 30 cant wait to see how people justify a 7-7 team beating a 8-6 team but yet having us a 9-5 team losing to a 6-8 team lmao