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Oct 24, 2002
Man, I had a lot of good times on this website. Dont know why I left, but Im sure social media took over. Almost 20 years ago I joined this site. Remember it like it was yesterday. Trying to find old songs, wondering if Tech will ever blow up, and praying for features. Wild ride its been.

Ive been checking some old profiles and looks like people randomly check up on here every year or so.

Anyone still in contact?

I used to have a few of you on my facebook, but have lost touch. Right now Im on a mission to find dr drew and trick420 haha


Ferocious Mackadoshis
Jun 17, 2005
Hot damn Nick and now you haha It's been a long minute since I seen your name Ville... Hope all has been well my dude.

A few of us still grace every now and then but the days of old are pretty much dead for the most part...
Props: lvwytemike
Aug 30, 2002
TechN9neHQ was that shit. I was just listening to that verse on the phone he did for them when he’s talking about being on tour with jay z, nappy roots, having the song in biker boyz etc..
Aug 27, 2004
Yeah I'm still lurking in these forums every year or so...it has been a hot minute tho since tha last time I logged into the sickness.net...I truly miss the days of old...checking the forum for the latest leak or feature...we should definitely bring this shit back and maybe go after some long lost pre releases...I wouldn't mind collecting some nutthouwze shit ya dig...