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  1. Teddy X

    Nipsey Hussle Shot

    R.I.P. Nip
  2. Teddy X

    From 500lbs to 313lbs and people is not apprecative.....

    Im not giving Up Reo. That what the haters and the people that dont like me in Monroe,Louisiana want me to retire. Im not giving that satisfaction to them. Im keep pushing and still move to the west coast. Real Life.
  3. Teddy X

    From 500lbs to 313lbs and people is not apprecative.....

    Here's my intake: There's this pastor that came to the house and visit my mom and my granny. He knows that im loosing weight but the way his action say's that he said that " I have failed a lot of people" and I told him that "Im handling my bussines" and my mom got hot due to the fact that I...
  4. Teddy X

    33 years on Earth!!!!

    Yeaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Maaaaineeee!!!!!!! :siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness:
  5. Teddy X

    Im on the News Star website about my weight!

    Short Video|video from 500lbs to 258lbs
  6. Teddy X

    1995 N.A.P Out Hustlin Video Suge Knight shot the video

    Dope Video and Track!! No Doubt!!
  7. Teddy X

    Slim Thug "Boss Life"

    The new Slim Thug "Boss Life" L.P. going real hard 4 reals!!! Smooth and Crunk!!
  8. Teddy X

    Depression....Siccness people, I need your people help...A.S.A.P.

    Nope! Still Here Snakegang, playboy! Its been a minute since I been on siccness forum! Im down now to 262lbs. now! Already!!! :siccness::siccness::siccness:
  9. Teddy X

    In 2013.....The New Year ((Siccness.Net Peepz))

    Im going to find me a sweet backlog and staying healthy! Word em up!!! Sicness Nation!!!! Fa Sheeeeezzzzzy!!!! And thats how I feel for today and its cold in Louisiana today on the 2nd day of 2013! Pleezee Belieeevee It!!! :siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness:
  10. Teddy X

    ((Question Siccness.Net on a Party 2Nite! Crucial!!))

    Wuzup Peepz! A question (Quixk): Im think about going to my homeboy's party tonight, but heres the problem. His best friend I know is going to be there and I had a history of him secretly talking behind my back and always puttin me down (When I was drinkin back then and way before...
  11. Teddy X

    Depression....Siccness people, I need your people help...A.S.A.P.

    Depression....I feeling very mad and sad as of lately due to me and mom's not getting along in da same city (Monroe,Louisiana), low income (I get S.S.I.), and one of my aunts act like I dont exsist (I been feeling Beef as of lately between me and her for a couple months now....) My head has been...
  12. Teddy X

    Are there any good rappers form Milwaukee/Wisconsin

    Quan Baby from Midwest Street Ryderz.....
  13. Teddy X


    Its was a decient c.d. had some good cuts on there: Rating 6.2/10
  14. Teddy X

    Anybody play any M.A.M.E./Kaillera Online....

    Anybody be playin M.A.M.E. (Arcade Emulator) online?.....:siccness: If so, what game you peepz play or enjoy..... Holla back.....