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  1. stabdozer

    Scott McKenzie San Francisco Sample

    What other Rapper from the Bay used this same sample before Trax, & Quinndo??
  2. stabdozer

    Clyde Carson Thread

    seein is believin lol
  3. stabdozer

    denver rappers?

    go to the whole page supports Colorado hip hop muzik check it out...
  4. stabdozer

    Komain, Block Monsters new CD out now!

    ko,fa sho...ill get at you...
  5. stabdozer

    Komain, Block Monsters new CD out now!

    same ol same...u down fa a magazine interview??
  6. stabdozer

    Komain, Block Monsters new CD out now!

    wud up Ko wuts good pimpin??....
  7. stabdozer


    i see alot Kut N Kru Records on therr...Spyder loc ain't dead,lol....NOTES: FEATURES: Hardblok, O.G. Lett Loose, The L.O.C., S.B.D., Mr. Noze, Big Nate, P.O.M., Daniel D, Spyder Loc (R.I.P.) and Sista D!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE HARDEST ALBUMS TO EVER COME OUT OF DENVER!....This is a Rare and Out Of...
  8. stabdozer

    Moving to Denver...

    shyt can happen any where u go now days...i travel to different cities and Denver aint that bad like other places....but it has its moments...
  9. stabdozer

    kut n kru

    TBG-TEDDY.BEAR.GANGSTA i never seen a release on him ,unless he did a group album. i know he was feature on some albums awhile back...but i can double check on it.
  10. stabdozer

    kut n kru

    i been tellin dj skratch g tha owner of kut n kru records to release sum of tha old stuff....he told me doesnt own tha right on some tha good luck if u find any copy any question fa skratch go 2
  11. stabdozer


    RICH Tycoon/Street Wire Muzik Presents The BLACK BIZNESS '007 BBQ Sampler Download the album for FREE... Track List Black Bizness…The Pledge (Radio) RICH Tycoon What Am I Gonna Do? Black Bizness Shoulda Got Tha Fif P.O. Tha Profit/San...
  12. stabdozer

    kut n kru

    tha latest release frm kut n kru tha mixxalation comp frm SBD/BIG ACE...SPYDE LOC is feature on alot songs Hardblock lastest comp dat drop back in 2004