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    Status of Music

    There's plenty about how the music business works that I don't agree with but I understand why it is the way it is and why in the end it needs to be that way. The artist is always responsibility for their own growth. You can't force someone to be a good or great artist. They either have it or...
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    Status of Music

    The problem is people throwing the shady business label around like it's a hot potato as if the label is doing things behind the artists back. People willingly sign contracts every single day without reading and/or understanding the terms. It doesn't mean the label is shady, it means you're...
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    Status of Music

    Who should get to decide what fair is? Since when is fairness a component of conducting business? All business is exploitation to one degree or another. Can you say rapper X is being deceived or unjustly exploited when he willingly entered into a contract that may not be in his favor...
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    Status of Music

    I understand just fine. So here's the big shocker for you -- performing songs written by other people is certainly 'the norm' for "urban" artists as much as anyone else. Arguably even more so. As far as artists writing their own lyrics vs. using songwriters.. I couldn't care less. Some...
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    Status of Music

    I really hope your comment was meant to be sarcastic because if you think most songs are performed by the same people who wrote them, you're in for the shock of your life.
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    Status of Music

    That's like saying you can't generalize the health industry, or oil industry, or clothing industry, or food industry. Sure you can, they're all based on the same basic foundation. They all submit to the premise that you create a product or service which you sell to consumers for profit. One...
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    Status of Music

    The music business has always been about business. Always.
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    New forums for posting songs & beats!

    Two new forums have been added for people wanting to post their songs and/or beats. for songs: The Showcase for beats: Beat Shop
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    Who Really Sings "My Boo"

    I'm willing to bet google could clear that up in less time it took you to post the question.
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    Just curious??? Whatever happened to Sisqo??????

    He's been recording the last couple months.
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    Question for those who have released a cd

    1. You failed to mention what YOUR price-range is. "Suitable for the budget of an underground artist" could mean anything. 2. As DJ Mark 7 pointed out, you failed to mention WHERE YOU LIVE. You want answers relevant to your question but you don't provide any relevant information to start...
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    What happened to the r&b group?

    Blackstreet has had continuous problems and it's always involved money. Teddy Riley is a cold piece with the contracts but then you see where it got him in the long run. Blackstreet has a new roster (again) and has material recorded but as far as I know there's no release date or if it's even...
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    Charlie Wilson - Charlie Last Name Wilson!!!!

    Charlie is filthy, why do you think R. Kelly wanted to do this project so bad? Charlie Wilson + R. Kelly = shits hot!
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    MPC Question??? Please Help

    Sounds like you want something quick & nice. Try a site like or something.
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    To clear up any confusion about posting links to pirated material.

    Publicly posting links to pirated or bootlegged material, serial numbers, registration information, etc is NOT ALLOWED. However, nobody can stop you from telling people what you have to offer and that they can PM you for a link to the download. This forum stays clean and 100% legitimate. No...