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    Niner News Thread

    Get the fuck outta here w/that bullshit son
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    Niner News Thread

    2 points 1) I think your quoting an alleged conversation I had with myself or something, regardless, this vanilla play calling is nothing new, everyone is just freaking out now because we might miss the playoffs 2013: 30th in passing attempts, 3rd in rushing attempts 2014: 25th in passing...
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    Niner News Thread

    This in house fighting is sickening, really really unfortunate The world is not over at 7-5, especially with Seattle playing @Philly this week. Just like last year the 9ers are waiting to get to the playoffs before they cut Kaepernick loose, hopefully after the Raiders game the 49ers will...
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    The Official 49ers VS Seahawks Thread

    Your HORRIBLE at this, your run D is SOFT, whereas we haven't givin up a 100yd game on the ground all season, you couldn't stop Zac Stacy Its not even fun....
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    Niner News Thread

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    I'm in the Pap camp, the Control response was the hardest diss I have heard in a minute. I can think of plenty of Bay Area artists whose rap career never "took off", if that is defined by having mainstream buzz, that are still well respected and dope rappers. You have to be out your mind to...
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    Niner News Thread

    @AWOL, not a season ticket holder, yea I will prolly spend near $250 for each ticket for ATL and SEA game, prolly gonna hit up Cards n Colts game too
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    Rank the top UFC fights of August

    Stacked month of fights... 1.Pettis v B-Hendo 2.TKZ V Aldo 3.Chael v Shogun 4.Browne v Reem 5.Davis v Machida
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    China 1 This Guy 0

    b0ZJL3i6vvQ A U.S. executive said on Monday that workers at his factory in Beijing have held him hostage for the past four days, demanding better severance pay. Chip Starnes, 42, is a co-owner of the Florida-based Specialty Medical Supplies, which has a plant in Beijing. He visited the...
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Gibbs killed dat shit